Zupco creates 7,000 jobs

THE Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (Zupco) has created more than 7,000 jobs since the start of its recovery program in January 2019, and more drivers and drivers are expected to be employed as the company strengthens its fleet.

The government facilitated the takeover of Zupco to create a modern mass public transport system and ease the burden on commuters who had long suffered at the hands of suburban omnibus operators raising fares for no reason.

Zupco’s acting managing director, Mr. Everisto Madangwa, told the Sunday Mail that the carrier now has 7,512 employees, up from just 366 in January 2019.

According to records, drivers at 65 percent make up the largest number of employees, followed by cashiers 12 percent, inspectors 10 percent, drivers 6 percent, management 5 percent and labor. – workshop work 2 percent.

This is because another 100 zupco buses are on their way to Harare.

The buses will be distributed to the areas most in need to alleviate the transport problems on urban and interurban roads.

“These are important numbers given that it took us less than three years to come up with that number,” Madangwa said.

“This is also in line with our own recovery strategy as well as the National Development Strategy (NDS1).

“For us as a country to achieve Vision 2030, we need a sustainable passenger transport system and this step shows that we are in the right direction.”

Madangwa confirmed last week that another 100 buses will be unloaded in Durban, South Africa, without providing further details.

However, government sources told the Sunday Mail that the buses had already arrived in Durban and were on their way to Harare.

“Yes the buses are indeed coming, officials will make an announcement soon, but as you may know, this is part of zupco’s relaunch program,” a source said.

“The buses arrived in Durban last week and are now on their way to Zimbabwe.

“In fact, more buses will arrive until local assemblers are able to meet local demand.”

In the past 12 months, the government has imported more than 450 buses from China to increase Zupco’s fleet.

The revival of Zupco as well as Zimbabwe’s National Railways is seen as a central part of the government’s plans to create a decent mass public transport system.

To this end, the government has been importing buses from China and Belarus for two years to increase Zupco’s fleet.

Ultimately, the goal is to revive local bus assembly and to achieve this, the government signed a memorandum of understanding with the government of Belarus in 2019 to help build the capacity of bus assemblers. local.

In addition, a consortium of local bus operators, Amalgamated Bus Industries (ABI), has secured a US $ 35 million loan to begin assembling buses through AVM Africa and Quest Motor Corporation.

Meanwhile, the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) is negotiating a recapitalization deal with Turkish investor Yapi Merkezi.

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