Yamaha increases bicycle prices in Pakistan


Yamaha Motor Pakistan has raised the prices of the bikes up to Rs8,000. The new prices will be effective from July 26, 2021.

Here are the new prices for Yamaha motorcycles:

Model Price (Wed July 26, 2021) Price (early 2021)
YB125Z 176,000 rupees 163,000 rupees
YB125Z DX 190,000 rupees 175,500 rupees
YBR125 Rs196.00 181,000 rupees

Sabir Sheikh, motorcycle dealer and president of All Pakistan Motorcycle Assemblers, said demand for motorcycles has been high since the economy opened up after last year’s lockdown.

It was reported that the motorbike faction in the automotive industry encountered delivery issues for the first time in at least 20 years as supply could not keep up with strong demand.

Dealers couldn’t deliver on time, and motorcycles sold for their own money on the open market, like the famous Akbar Road in Karachi.

Own money is a price that an investor charges a customer who wants to buy a vehicle immediately. It is higher than the actual price of the vehicle.

Sheikh said the industry faces a supply problem, adding that the delivery of parts and raw materials has already been disrupted since the onset of the coronavirus.

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