Woman tricked into Rs1 lakh in online affair | Pune News



Pune: A fraudster tricked a 25-year-old resident of Kalewadi of Rs1 lakh by telling her that he would deliver her an incense stick (Agarbatti) making her a machine and a raw material.
The complainant transferred the money online to the bank account number given to her between April 4 and 19. As the woman did not receive the machine, she filed a complaint with Wakad police on Monday.
The complainant told TOI that last month she watched a video online of a few machines that could be operated at home and made money. “I liked the incense stick making machine, so I contacted the cell phone number mentioned in the video,” she said.
The woman said the person told her he would supply raw material with the machine. “He also promised me that he would buy me the incense sticks for Rs 40,000 a ton,” said the woman. “I liked the deal and mortgaged my gold chain, used my child’s school fees and transferred Rs1 lakh online to the man,” she added.
The man had sent him an invoice, a GST number and even an invoice from the carrier.
“I wanted to surprise my husband, so I sent him to the transporter office to pick up the machine. My husband found out that the bill was a year old and the person cheated on me, ”she said.
One case has been registered under the relevant sections of India’s penal code, said a police officer from Wakad.



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