Why Buhari must act immediately CSO

Following the transmission of the new electoral bill of 2021 to the executive for approval, civil society partners on electoral matters have called on President Muhammadu Buhari to rise above the political conspiracy of the elite threatening legislation and enacting it.

The partners urged the president to show state of mind, courage, avoid unnecessary controversy between the governors and the National Assembly, and side with the Nigerian people who are keen to see the law upheld. effective before the end of 2021.

The CSO statement was made available by Ariyo-Dare Atoye, Executive Director, Adopt A Goal for Development Initiative, and endorsed by Center for Liberty, Raising New Voices, Youth and Students Advocates for Development Initiative (YSAD), NESSACTION, The Nigerian Alliance, The Art and Civics Table and Speak Out Africa Initiative.

According to the partners: “The amendments and innovative provisions of the new electoral bill are important legal frameworks good enough to revitalize the electoral process, generate credibility and gain the confidence of Nigerians in our elections.

“We wish to inform President Buhari that the Governors v National Assembly controversy over party primaries is not sufficient to delay the signing of the bill because the success or failure of party primaries is mainly due to the character politicians, not the system. .

“There is no law that is 100% perfect; therefore, we urge the president to sign this bill and allow the country to test the new amendments and exclusive provisions of the new electoral law in the remaining off-cycle elections in the country.

“We also wish to urge President Buhari to remember the promise he made to Nigerians at the end of 2018 to sign the amendments to the electoral bill after the 2019 general elections, as well as his commitment to the Independent National Election Commission ( INEC) that “we will make available to them (INEC) everything (including the signing of the new electoral bill) that they need to function effectively, so that no one says that we don’t want to go, or that we want a third term.

“This is a glorious opportunity for President Buhari to put his name on the democratic plaque of Nigeria by signing this bill in record time and making it one of the fastest laws ever passed by a Nigerian president.

“As the bill has passed as the 2021 electoral law, it would be equally important for the president to sign it as a late 2021 gift to Nigerians,” Atoye noted.


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New Election Bill: Why Buhari Must Act Immediately

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