Westworld season 1 ending explained


Older and more in tune with his late partner’s thinking about host sensibilities, Ford activates a series of Arnold-designed codes called “Reveries.” These allow Hosts to remove shadows of memories from their previous versions, bringing them one step closer to consciousness.

Dolores suffers the worst, oscillating between the present and her memories of her time with William. She comes to realize that the labyrinth that haunts her was a metaphor for her own consciousness. William is not crazy about this theory and stabs her in the stomach.

After being repaired by Ford, Dolores learns more about her past and receives the gun she used to kill Arnold 35 years ago. Ford addresses a procession of guests and investors with a speech on the importance of stories, and makes everyone excited for a whole news, right before being shot by Dolores. A swarm of retired hosts descend on the game, dragging along like the living dead, and a previously unenthusiastic William becomes frankly dizzy after being shot in the arm. What follows is uncertain, but chaos seems inevitable.

Also Shoot: There’s a host named Maeve who responds to musings by remembering that she had a daughter, and she gives up on leaving the park so she can go find her child. It will probably be important next season.

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