Uttar Pradesh Polls: ‘Bulldozer Baba’ and his whirlwind tour of the heartland | Lucknow News

LUCKNOW: Crowd cheers shouting ‘Bulldozer Baba Zindabad….Zindabad Zindabad’ as Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s helicopter descends to the ground for a public meeting in Sewata assembly constituency in Sitapur district .
It is 1.55pm and a huge crowd is eagerly waiting to listen to the CM, who are there to seek support for incumbent BJP MP Gyan Tiwari.
It is a busy day for Yogi as it is his third rally since morning, with three others lined up before he meets Union Home Minister Amit Shah at the BJP headquarters in Lucknow later in the evening.
Yogi’s incendiary image is on full display as he begins to address amid shouts and cheers. Hitting the previous Samajwadi Party government led by Akhilesh Yadav, Yogi says: “As if they have decided not to mend their ways. There is a huge difference between what they call and what they do. Act like terrorists and think like dynasts (naam toh samajwadi, lekin kaam aatankwadi, soch pariwarwadi hai).”
Justifying the use of the word ‘terrorist’ for ‘socialists’, Yogi says, ‘Although they have become a multifaceted brand like ‘tamanchawadi’ and ‘dangawadi’, they are terrorists because a relative of a Terrorist accused in the Ahmedabad serial bombing case, who has been convicted, is seen campaigning for Samajwadi party in Azamgarh. He has a photo with the head of the SP.
When asked why he uses the bulldozer so often and the opposition claims that more than the bulldozer, UP needs a pen, Yogi said, “The bulldozer is the symbol of development for the people of the state. . It’s a mark now. A bulldozer can be used for the construction of roads and buildings and can also be used to demolish an illegal structure.”
“It’s not that I use bulldozers for elections,” he says, adding that when the BJP came to power, it formed the “Anti-Bhu Mafia Task Force” which used bulldozers to evacuate 64,000 hectares of illegally seized land and demolish 2,000 mafia properties.
During his conversation with the TOI, he often looks at the route to know the next program and the place.
He explains how his government has done its part to uplift the poor and downtrodden. Before leaving for Sewata, the CM read the day’s newspaper before having a light breakfast. He then held daily meetings with the heads of his secretariat at his official residence.
Around 10 a.m., the CM cavalcade left for Amausi airport where a helicopter was waiting for it.
At around 10.30am, CM VT-JSA helicopter took off for the first rally at Puranpur in Pilibhit where incumbent MP Baburam is again vying with a BJP ticket.
After landing at Puranpur around 11:35 a.m., Yogi begins his speech by drawing a comparison between his government and the previous SP regime.
“There were curfews under the SP government. We replaced it with Kanwar yatras. Similarly, we removed the bombs from the SP government and replaced them with the chants of ‘Har Har Bam Bam’ by ” kanwariyas'”, he adds.
Concluding his speech to thunderous applause, the CM departed for the assembly constituency of Bisalpur where he landed at 12:35 p.m.
“Even electricity had a caste and a religion during the reign of the SP. Electricity was a privilege only for the few. While there was light during Eid, it was the darkness all around during Diwali and Holi,” he remarks. “The SP and BSP governments have made the region a dark area,” says Yogi, adding that electricity has no caste or religion and the BJP government provides it to everyone without discrimination.
Yogi returns to his helicopter and takes khichdi for lunch. Answering a question which Akhilesh Yadav says those who have no family will not understand their pain, Yogi says, “Shivpal Yadav vastav mein bechare ho gaye hain (Shivpal Yadav’s condition is pitiful).”
Explaining his remark, Yogi says that a person who was once the most trusted lieutenant of SP Patriarch Moulayam Singh Yadav even failed to find a chair for himself. “It is also true that Akhilesh never felt any attachment to his family,” he says.
But Shivpal tweeted that the BJP is expert in slandering his character?
“Where does the issue of defamation come in? I can bet it’s not Shivpal’s language. Tweet and Shivpal are poles apart. Shivpal can write about Ram Manohar Lohia but can’t use such language,” says- he.
From Bisalpur, Yogi’s helicopter lands at Sewata and then reaches Mehmoodabad at 2:47 p.m. and Misrikh at 3:50 p.m. for the remaining rallies.
In Misrikh, Yogi does not forget to remind people how his government has built houses and toilets for the needy. “In all, more than 43 lakh houses have been constructed in the past five years. Of these, more than 2.3 lakh houses have been constructed in Sitapur alone,” he says.
After the rally, Yogi returns to his helicopter for some light snacks and tea.
Responding to a question about Priyanka’s support for Lalu Yadav, Yogi says that even though there are no elections in Bihar right now, everyone saw the mismanagement in Bihar when Lalu was at the helm .
“One should reap what one sows,” says Yogi.
On the issue of court directives to the UP government to withdraw notices slapped on anti-CAA protesters, he said, “We will not withdraw the notices. The court said the procedure should not be carried out by administrative officials. , we have already established courts in Prayagraj, Lucknow and Meerut. From now on, the procedure will be followed by courts.
At 5:05 p.m., Yogi returns to Lucknow and proceeds to complete the day’s remaining engagements.

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