“Unicorn Hunters” with Silvina Moschini, Moe Vela and Steve Wozniak

Moe Vela is a lawyer, media commentator, entrepreneur, author, speaker and consultant. His influence is felt from the halls of Congress and the White House to corporate boards, financial centers and beyond. Moe made American history as the first Latin American and LGBTQ American to twice hold a senior White House position, as Dir. directors and senior advisor to the two vice-presidents Al Gore and Joe Biden. He is the current CEO and Chairman of DC-based global consulting firm The Vela Group. Moe occupies a unique position at the epicenter of the intersection of law, politics, business and finance. Now he’s taken his talents to Hollywood to democratize wealth and make Unicorn Hunters a global hit. Moe is known for his passion and energetic approach to every business and brings thought leadership to the public and clients around the world, and he will do the same at Unicorn Hunters. Moe is originally from Texas and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin before earning his JD from St. Mary’s University Law School. He has been featured in several national publications and has been named one of the “100 Best Hispanics in America” ​​by “Hispanic Business” magazine and has been named twice as one of the “101 Most Influential Latinos” by “Latino Leaders” magazine, as well as one of Washington’s top 300 insiders by the “National Journal”. He is the author of the bestselling book “Little Secret. Big dreams. “

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