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Social media sites like Nextdoor are periodically littered with complaints about slow mail delivery. Soon it might slow down further.

The U.S. Postal Service has proposed a restructuring plan that would delay delivery of first-class mail for up to two days in parts of the country, the Washington Post reports. For example:

  • Current standard – 71% of postcode 70130 mail, covering much of New Orleans’ central business district and the Lower Garden District, is expected to reach any point in the 48 contiguous states within three days.
  • Proposed standard – 24% of mail from 70130 could take four days to reach New England, the Great Lakes region and the Rocky Mountain states, and 9% could take five days to reach addresses on the west coast, according to the analysis by The Post.

Mail from ZIP code 70130 to New Orleans would take longer to reach New England, the Great Lakes region, the Rocky Mountain states and the West Coast as part of a postal service restructuring proposal, reports the Washington Post.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that mail delivery in Southeast Louisiana has been slowing for some time. Last year, the president of the New Orleans branch of the American Postal Workers Union blamed the slowdown on the Postal Service which removed five of the 14 high-speed mail-processing machines at the Loyola agency’s center. Avenue.

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The Postal Service says its new proposal will cut spending and make transport planning more coherent. Consumer advocates and postal industry stakeholders “have rejected the new initiative,” The Post said.

President Trump’s recent statement that he opposes emergency funding for the Post because he wants to discourage mass voting by ma …

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