The worst game-breaking bugs in video game history

Glitches in video games can range from harmless to harmful, but there are a few games including Pokemon and mega man, with bugs that proved devastating to themselves as well as others. Unlike glitches that can interrupt tasks or even require a reset, the worst glitches cause problems that can’t be easily fixed. Unfortunately, despite how far programming has come, these kinds of disastrous bugs still pop up from time to time.

Video game glitches are an interesting phenomenon. Whenever a major game is released, issues are frequently reported by players. In modern times, it serves to point out issues with games that can be fixed in a patch thanks to the way games can be updated after they are released on modern consoles. However, games of the past also had issues, some of which were worse than the issues seen in modern games. Contrary to Super Mario 64upside-down long jump, these bugs are feared rather than revered. Since games weren’t actively updated in the past, they ended up with their bugs intact, even the ones that ruined the game.


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Many of the worst issues in gaming history stem from the days when they couldn’t be actively fixed. This left a permanent scar on many of them, especially those who experienced these glitches themselves. These kinds of issues are worth documenting, so future gamers can be aware of some of the biggest mistakes in game programming history.

Pokémon X and Y could disrupt the game by saving

The Pokemon the series is no stranger to glitches, like any fan of the original Red and blue games could probably attest to that. In reality, PokemonMissingNo’s most famous glitch, is probably the most well-known glitch in all of video games. However, MissingNo is ultimately harmless aside from a few graphical errors. It wouldn’t be before Pokemon X and Y that the series would run into a terrible, but easily triggered glitch that players should beware of.

Luminose City is one of the main cities in the Kalos region and is home to the fifth gymnasium in the game. It is one of the biggest cities in the game and it also hides one of the most dangerous problems in the series. If the player saves near one of Luminose’s taxis, the save file may become corrupted. The file will refuse to play, even after rebooting the system, and the player will have no choice but to delete the file and start over. Since Luminose is about halfway through the game, this lost data can cost the player several hours of gameplay.

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Exploration of the old or the second-hand Pokemon saving files is a delight, but losing your own data is miserable. Luckily, this problem could be fixed by deleting the corrupted save, and a later patch fixed the bug completely. From the most dangerous Pokemon the glitches required outright hacking the game to see them, such an easily accessible and harsh bug was quite a shock.

Soulcalibur 3 could corrupt player’s memory card

SoulCalibur 3 presented a mode that has not been in any other soulcalibur game – Chronicles of the Sword. In CotS, the player controlled units on a battlefield, moving them around the map to defend their own territory or attack enemy bases, while using the game’s usual combat system for the battles themselves. This was effectively the game’s career mode, and it was largely decent, though marred by the game’s frustrating AI. Plus, until Hwang’s DLC returned in SoulCalibur 6, SC3 was his final, albeit non-canon, appearance on the show.

Chronicles of the Sword also saw the worst glitch of all soulcalibur Game. Once the player has created a CotS save file on his game, delete or move all data from the same memory card that was created before SoulCalibur 3The date of will trigger the problem. When enabled, the glitch will corrupt CotS save data and render it unreadable, and in some cases it will corrupt all SC3saves the data. It can also leave a block of corrupted data on the memory card which cannot be erased.

Since Chronicles of the Sword is required to unlock many character creation pieces, this bug is a serious issue. The only way to avoid it completely is to make sure that SoulCalibur 3 is the first thing recorded on a memory card. soulcalibur and tekken can share Yoshimitsu, but only soulcalibur presented a data destruction problem.

Mega Man Battle Network 4’s multiplayer could destroy the game

Mega Man 4 Battle Network published in a manner similar to most Pokemon games, with two versions and different in-game exclusives, Red sun and Blue Moon. In another move similar to Pokemon games, players could link the games to the free space battle board. However, this can lead to a terrible problem that can literally destroy the game.

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If the player binds Red sun at Blue Moon before getting the six exclusive Navis of their version, it will trigger a catastrophic problem. For some reason, these conditions cause complete corruption of the game. This also cannot be fixed by starting a new game, as the very code of the game is damaged by the bug. As a result, the game itself becomes unplayable. To put things in perspective, Cyberpunk 2077 was pulled from the PlayStation Store due to its issues, and nothing in this game was bad enough to do what a player might accidentally do to Battlenet 4 with one innocent action. Since the Free Space battle board is available almost immediately, while it takes at least two full matches to unlock all exclusive Navis, it’s very likely that multiple copies of the game have been ruined by this issue.

It’s a mystery how programming a major feature could lead to such a game-killing bug. The fact that it can be activated so easily through such an innocuous feature makes it even worse. mega man is an icon of the game, but Battlenet 4The killer bug is an embarrassing blot on the Blue Bomber’s legacy. We can only hope that the next mega man Battle Network Legacy Collection will be free from everything, even half as bad as Battlenet 4Link problem.

The ruins of Myth Drannor could destroy an entire hard drive

Shard Pool: Ruins of Myth Drannor was the last match of the Shard Pools series, and its poor reception may be the reason. Ruins of Myth Drannor was a rather buggy game, with several issues ranging from visual glitches to the game downright hampering player progress. Even in the midst of it all, one bug stood out due to its horrific consequences.

If the player has uninstalled the base game from Ruins of Myth Drannorit would also uninstall system files from the computer’s hard drive. paper marioSwitch’s buggy port may have been disappointing, but Ruins of Myth DrannorThe uninstall problem is horrible. With this bug, Ruins of Myth Drannor was not just a bad game, but a bad game that you couldn’t get rid of without destroying your computer. There was a patch on Shard Poolwhich could prevent this problem, but which could easily be missed by gamers, especially in 2001. Even with a fix, the fact that the game shipped with such a bug is inexcusable.

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A glitch that hurts a game is one thing, but Ruins of Myth DrannorThe uninstallation problem could kill a computer, costing the user hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Even with Dark Alliancedisappointing non-customizable characters, Dungeons & Dragons will certainly never have such a big failure as Ruins of Myth Drannor Again. Because it shuts down an entire computer rather than a single game, the uninstall bug in Ruins of Myth Drannor is a strong contender to be the worst bug in video game history.

Video game glitches are common, even in high-profile series like Pokemon, but bugs that can render a game unusable or worse are a different case. When a game can have such a serious bug, one wonders how it could have passed the tests without being detected. The worst game-breaking bugs in video games remain morbid curiosities in the history of the industry.

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