The Sussexes showed no love at the UN Assembly, Prince William’s brother looked ’emptied’ and ‘very lost’, claims royal expert Angela Levin

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are very tactile. They always hold hands and touch each other, even in public. However, according to a royal expert, there was a lack of love when they attended the United Nations Assembly Monday in New York.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are going through something?

British journalist and royal biographer Angela Levin has weighed in on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s public involvement in the Big Apple. In his opinion, something was wrong between them because they weren’t the usual couple in love.

She highlighted the way the Duchess of Sussex held her husband’s arm and how he reacted.

“What was very interesting was that he was sitting in his seat with Meghan next to him,” Levin said on UK News as quoted by Express. “Of course she took his arm and he pushed it away, and she grabbed him with one hand and held his arm with the other. So he really couldn’t move, he was trying to squirm and he could not .”

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The Harry: A Biography of a Prince The author claimed there are plenty of photographs that capture the moment between the royal couple. To her, it seemed like Prince Harry wanted to be free from his wife. She also noticed that they weren’t looking at each other.

“And you look at it and you see it’s not someone showing love or anything because they haven’t looked at each other,” Levin continued. “She did and he was looking over there and she was looking over here, so there was something going on yesterday.”

Body language expert Jesus Enrique Rosas also studied the couple’s gestures at the event and noticed how Prince Harry’s relaxed expression changed when Markle held his hand. According to him, it looked like Prince Harry didn’t want Markle clinging to his arm the moment he slipped his hand from her grip.

“She grabs his hand in a gesture of control. You can see his hand is absolutely covering hers. And he looks away and he lets go. He pulls his hand back like, ‘Don’t take my hand,'” Rosas says on his YouTube channel.

The expert said it was “uncomfortable” to watch. But Markle seemed unhappy with her husband’s reaction, so she put Prince Harry’s hand on her knee and wrapped both hands around his arm, what Rosas called “Markle’s double claw.” In doing so, Rosas claimed that Markle was sending the message, “You are mine. Give me your arm because you are mine.”

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Prince William’s brother Prince Harry reportedly looked ‘very lost’ next to Meghan Markle

As well as commenting on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s gestures at the event and the Duke of Sussex’s speech, which Levin said infuriated Americans, she also shared her observations of Prince Harry’s appearance.

According to the royal expert, Prince William’s brother did not look happy at all, even though he was sitting next to the woman he had chosen rather than his family.

“He looks absolutely terrible. He looks so miserable, so drained and like the world is coming to an end,” Levin added. “But I think overall, I think he’s very, very lost, and he’s trying to hold on to his mother’s magic and that will empower him.”

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She continued, “Every day he thinks about her and what she would like him to do and I think that’s not a very healthy way to think about her, but don’t try to get him to say what to do and when.

Rosas noticed the same thing and shared side-by-side photos of Prince William and Prince Harry on Twitter. According to him, one of them looked trapped, and many said it was the Duke of Sussex.

“It’s Harry and the fact that he’s been trapped is his fault, his family and friends tried to warn him to rush things with Meghan, but he didn’t listen, so it’s [the] result, being completely controlled by Meghan, not being allowed to do anything without her and her telling him what to do,” a wroteaccusing Prince Harry of how he felt at the time.

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