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In our industry, we love our acronyms. In particular the “design fors”, such as DFM, DFA and DFT. The most recent example is DWM, design with manufacture, and this “design for” could end up having a real effect on the PCB development process. If designers and manufacturers truly embrace this concept, DWM could do what DFM has never been able to do: create a seamless communication environment for designers, manufacturers, assemblers, and component and material suppliers.

So, this month we asked our contributors to shine the spotlight on DWM: how to get started and what does DWM look like in action? More information in the June issue of Magazine Design007. Download your PDF copy for future reference.

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05/18/2022 | Pete Starkey, I-Connect007

Believing that I knew a little about signal integrity and controlled impedance, I was thrilled to take the opportunity to tune in to an educational webinar that I hoped would expand my knowledge. As it happens, I was surprised at how little I knew, and the webinar was a great learning opportunity. The webinar was expertly presented and moderated by Anna Brockman of Phoenix Contact in Germany.

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In the third of a three-part RealTime with… interview series, I-Connect007 editor Nolan Johnson received insightful and informative responses from American Standard’s Anaya Vardya, John Bushie and Dave Lackey Circuits to his questions on the topic of thermal management. . Anaya Vardya began by clarifying terminology, describing thermal conductivity as a material property that defines how quickly heat is transmitted through a piece of that material, whereas thermal management is about analyzing the whole system, trying to understand the amount of heat generated and to use proper techniques to dissipate that heat as efficiently as possible.

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As Lawrence Romine said in his introduction, “there’s that moment when you sit in the crowd and hear Mr. Rick Hartley talking that you know you’ve made it into PCB design.” With 50 years of industry experience focused on circuit and PCB design, and as an expert in EMI, noise and signal integrity issues, Rick Hartley was invited to speak on the PCB optimization. Pete Starkey provides an overview of the presentation.

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