The Best Cybersecurity Jobs to Pay Above $200,000 in 2022

by Disha Sinha

January 23, 2022

Reputable companies offer high-level cybersecurity jobs with lucrative salary packages

Cybersecurity is an essential advanced technology to be implemented in existing IT systems to provide protection against cyberattacks. There is a rapid increase in cyberattacks, especially after the pandemic. Thus, organizations need cybersecurity professionals to protect confidential and sensitive data from the hands of dangerous cybercriminals. There are multiple cybersecurity jobs with a wide range of cybersecurity job pay. Multiple positions in cybersecurity are emerging due to the increase in ransomware as well as malware. So, let’s explore some of the best cybersecurity jobs that pay beyond US$200,000 in 2022 for maximum protection.

Top Cybersecurity Jobs That Pay Above $200,000 in 2022


CISO or Chief Information Security Officer is one of the best cyber security jobs that offers more than 200,000 USD per year in many companies. CISO roles include training employees on security awareness, identifying security objectives and measures, and selecting and purchasing critical security products for a business. This position in cybersecurity is known as an executive responsible for the security of information and data of a company. It is essential to take care of security operations, cyber intelligence, data loss and fraud prevention, program management, governance, etc.

Bug Bounty Hunters

Bug bounty hunters are known as one of the best cyber security jobs that pay beyond US$200,000 to be highly skilled hackers. The duty is to detect security vulnerabilities and bugs in software before these bugs lead to serious consequences in the near future. Any professional bug hunter should use the necessary tools to analyze issues in order to write a vulnerability report for any organization that issued the bounty. It is essential to have basic coding skills and computer aptitude to earn more than US$200,000 per year from different companies.

Senior Software Security Engineer

The Senior Software Security Engineer must lead and contribute to the design of secure software reference design and enterprise-wide solutions to demonstrate secure coding principles and practices. This is one of the top positions in cyber security which expects the engineer to be knowledgeable in system testing of any code, programming language skills, writing unit tests for test driven implementations , and many others. This pay range of cybersecurity jobs must proactively identify and mitigate potential issues and defects, as well as effectively troubleshoot multiple forms of code.

Cybersecurity Sales Engineer

A cybersecurity sales engineer is a big job in cybersecurity with a salary range above 200,000 USD. This cybersecurity role is popular for driving and managing the technology assessment stage of the sales process with technical knowledge and sales skills. There are several cybersecurity sales engineer terms, such as network security sales engineer, post-sales security engineer, cloud security sales engineer, and many more. The primary role is to be a trusted technical advisor to potential customers while managing key aspects of the sales cycle, and many more.

Cybersecurity project manager

A cybersecurity project manager is one of the most popular cybersecurity jobs that pays over $200,000 per year in reputable companies across the world. The position’s role in cybersecurity expects project managers to solve problems designed to reduce potential risks that can be exploited by hackers. Having the ability to effectively navigate constant change is essential to designing and implementing enterprise cybersecurity projects. The cyber security project manager should prepare reports on the progress of the project and hold regular meetings to work on the progress, risks, potential issues and many more with recommended solutions.

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