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Tesla is already working in Damage Control mode to prevent the fame of AutoPilot, its semi-autonomous driving package, from having any more detractors. According to international press reports, the automaker Elon Musk suggests its users and owners of cars equipped with this technology to avoid sharing any video with flaws (small or large) in the system.

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Full Self-Driving (FSD), which is the feature that practically drives Tesla for you, is the main target of user reviews, who rate the tool in beta, that is, it is not. still not 100% ready. According to Vice staff, by agreeing to use the FSD, the car owner receives a document with some suggestions from the assembler, including not disclosing videos of possible breakdowns.

Tesla’s claim is that many people “wish” the company’s cars to fail with this steering system, suggesting some prosecution. However, it is known that the FSD and the entire AutoPilot package are still under investigation by the US government for recurring failures that were not actually recorded. In other words: the concern of the automaker is bad publicity.

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Be a good driver

Tesla’s damage control goes beyond asking not to share videos. As we have already posted here on

the company has started requiring drivers wishing to test the FSD to have good driving performance before downloading the tech pack into their car. This evaluation is done through a program already installed in the cars.

Even with all of these difficulties, Tesla continues to sell the AutoPilot package for US $ 10,000. This technology can be installed in all of the brand’s cars, which use cameras to monitor the roads and for automatic driving. It should be remembered that the electric cars of the assembler are not autonomous, that is, the supervision by the drivers must be constant.

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