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Pune: When Mayur Fartade, a resident of Solapur, joined computer engineering in 2017 at a college in Kolhapur, he was intimidated by the subject. Coming from a rural, semi-English school, his computer skills were limited and at first he felt it was beyond his reach. But, soon, the programming started to make sense to him.
Fartade used the time spent at home during the lockdown to learn new programming languages, which led him to the Bug Bounty Hunt program launched by Facebook encouraging people to find computer bugs.
After nearly a month of intensive research and testing, Fartade discovered a bug causing a privacy issue in the profiles of Instagram users. He reported it to Facebook and was awarded Rs 22 lakh for his efforts.
The success has opened many doors for Fartade and he has a flood of vacancies on his Linkedin profile. But he chose one that offers Rs 4.5 lakh per year from a company in Pune because it is in his area of ​​interest.
“I got 74% on the HSC and not very well on the common entrance test. I enrolled at Tatyasaheb Kore Institute of Engineering and Technology for Computer Engineering. My initial nervousness on the subject gave way to confidence. I discovered bugs in two Union Government websites that would have made it easier to hack them in my sophomore year. I sent this information to the website and they returned an acknowledgment, ”Fartade said.
While working on the internet, he stumbled across Facebook’s Bug Bounty program. “I am an avid Instagram user and decided to check for bugs. I couldn’t find anything even after two weeks. I read blogs about such programs and started testing the apps for another two weeks before finding the bug, ”Fartade said.
He sent the report to Facebook on April 16, and three days later, Facebook’s security team requested more information than it sent the same day. This happened twice more and finally on June 15th he received an email stating that he was receiving a bonus of $ 30,000.
“I expected Rs one lakh or maybe Rs two lakh, but this amount is unexpected. I gave it to my parents. There are jobs on LinkedIn but none in the areas I want to explore. The offer of the Pune company suits me. My dream is to become a developer for one of the biggest IT companies, ”he said. Her father works in a sugar factory, her mother is a housewife while her older brother has completed ITI and works in the industry.


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