Qlik acquires Big Squid to expand its position as an industry leader


PHILADELPHIA, September 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Qlik® today announced the acquisition of Big Squid, a leading provider of codeless machine learning (AutoML), to expand the capacity of data and analytics to take advantage of advanced augmented analytics features such as key factor analysis, predictive analytics, and what-if scenario planning with API-deployable AI models for up-to-date predictions request directly in Qlik. Combining Big Squid with Qlik’s existing augmented analytics capabilities, which already include direct API integrations with 3rd Party Engines and Integrated Intelligent AI Assistant Insight Advisor – Extends the industry’s most robust suite of augmented analytics capabilities for cloud analytics. The Big Squid acquisition also advances Qlik’s vision of active intelligence, where technology and processes trigger immediate action from real-time, up-to-date, and reliable data to accelerate business value across the board. supply chain data and analytics.

“Data and analytics teams know there is incredible untapped potential to use data to predict and plan what’s going to happen. What they lack are the resources and modeling expertise to discover and deliver the information that powers these efforts, ”said Mike Capone, CEO of Qlik. “With Big Squid’s AutoML code-less SaaS capabilities, teams will be able to seamlessly and easily scale up their analytics efforts directly in Qlik with AI-powered models that provide unique insights for planning and fast action when it matters most. “

Most organizations find it difficult to go beyond basic analytic efforts to generate an understanding from their data of what might happen and why it might happen. Big Squid empowers data and analytics teams to have code-free AI-generated insights through trusted models directly into existing analytics efforts, providing insight into key business drivers and expand the ability to predict potential scenarios and plan for contingencies more effectively. When integrated with a comprehensive active intelligence platform, Big Squid will make it easier for customers to answer deeper questions, regardless of the underlying data source.

“Delivering the right strategy to our clients relies heavily on our ability to analyze masses of internal and external data for accurate predictions of student needs and trends,” said Bob Atkins, CEO of Gray Associates. “The combination of Qlik and Big Squid helps us generate crucial and unique information from millions of rows of data with billions of calculations quickly and at scale, almost eliminating the expense and overhead of expertise. intern in data science. We couldn’t have started with AI without Qlik and Big Squid software and data science experts. “

Big Squid will further extend Qlik’s existing SaaS roadmap and bring new AutoML augmented analytics capabilities covering key factor analysis, predictive analytics, and ‘what if’ decision planning, all backed by AI explainable. For Qlik customers, Big Squid will deliver immediate value to both on-premise customers and as part of Qlik Cloud, where Qlik will continue to support AutoML for a wide variety of data sources (including Google, Microsoft, and Snowflake. ). Also, help these customers modernize their analytics with Qlik Cloud by providing even more features that will help analytics users of all skill levels create and leverage insights that compel action.

“BI and analytics platforms help organizations understand what happened and why, but users also increasingly want to know what happened. will happening and what they can do about it, ”said Doug Henschen, vice president and senior analyst at Constellation Research. “These types of predictive insights were previously left entirely to data scientists, but trendsetters are bridging the gap between BI, analytics and data science. With its acquisition of Big Squid, Qlik expands and accelerates its existing efforts to enable non-data scientists to become predictive. “

Terms of the agreement are not being disclosed. Qlik is fully committed to supporting all existing Big Squid customers, many of which are shared by Qlik.

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