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Some Punggol residents will be able to enjoy more convenience when collecting their mail, with a smart mailbox system in a Housing Commission block starting next Friday. The system, known as PostPal, will allow residents of Block 226B Sumang Lane to be notified of mail delivery through a mobile app.

They will also be able to check the number of items waiting to be collected and allow others to collect mail on their behalf.

The 96 households in the block will be the second group to test the system, which was developed by SingPost and PBA Group, a Singapore-based robotics and automation company.

Ms. Sun Xueling, MP for Punggol West and Minister of State for Education, Social and Family Development, said Ms. Sun Xueling, “As one of the youngest and most tech savvy constituencies in Singapore. , our residents shop frequently online and PostPal will be a huge asset to them, especially during this time when many still work from home. “

The trial extension to Punggol comes after PostPal’s success with two blocks at Clementi, where a one-year-old pilot started last December. More than 80% of households have subscribed to it and 20,000 postal items have been delivered through the system.

Some renovations were made to the PostPal kiosk after feedback from Clementi residents. The panel that residents had to lower to retrieve their mail has now been replaced with a flap door, making it easier to access the machine. The reader on the machine has also been improved to more easily detect QR codes on residents’ smartphones. Residents use these codes to access their mail, by scanning the code against the machine’s reader.

Yesterday, technicians were seen testing the PostPal kiosk on the empty deck of Block 226B, and flyers were placed in mailboxes for residents to register for the system. SingPost’s head of national postal and parcel services, Ms. Neo Su Yin, estimates that the adoption rate in Punggol, with its younger population, would be higher than that of Clementi.

Smart mailboxes will also help SingPost become more productive. Ms Neo said: “It is getting harder and harder to hire letter carriers, so we also want to see how to adjust the productivity gains we can get. A letter carrier can cover a much larger area because the kiosk is actually taking up. a lot of the work the postman was doing before.

PostPal has an automatic sorting function, which means the postman will only have to load all the mail into the machine, instead of having to insert items into each mailbox. Ms Neo added that SingPost, working with the Infocomm Media Development Authority, will also look at factors such as an area’s demographics and density before deciding to roll out the system in more areas.

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