PM urged to discourage avoidable imports to stop falling currencies


The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (Unisame) urged Prime Minister Imran Khan to discourage massive imports of cars, luxury items and food products in order to ease the burden of foreign currencies and the rapid depreciation of the rupee. In a statement on Tuesday, Unisame Chairman Zulfikar Thaver said the government must act wisely and not be swayed by importers of unnecessary items such as cars, luxury goods and food. . He said the government should not patronize such importers at the cost of a loss to the national chessboard. He asked what was the need for imported cars when there were so many brands of cars manufactured / assembled in Pakistan, saying the exhaustion clause was not implemented in reality as auto assemblers do not do not make the parts in Pakistan but obtain them. imported indirectly through their own established companies. The Unisame president said he was defeating the very concept of the exhaustion clause, which is to reduce reliance on foreign parts and manufacture them in Pakistan. It is requested to promote the manufacture of as many parts as possible in the country, he demanded. He said that importing luxury goods is another bad practice and the country must learn to do without imported goods such as durable goods, cosmetics and other fancy goods made in Pakistan. He added that a huge amount of food is also imported, while Pakistan manufactures all the items such as cheese, butter, jams, cereals, confectionery, and it is indeed unfortunate that stationery, toiletries, toothpaste, brushes, combs, shoe polish and many other items of international standards are also imported.

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