Opteev ramps up to launch new virus detectors

Baltimore-based Opteev Technologies Inc. is going through an emergency clearance process with federal officials to launch new products that instantly detect COVID-19, either in a room or on someone’s breath .

Room detection is suitable for conference rooms, cubicles and classrooms to monitor groups of employees or students.

The personal model will be similar to a breathalyzer but for the disease instead of the alcohol content in the blood. Individuals and families will be able to breathe into the device and know in as little as two to three seconds whether they have COVID-19 or the flu.

“It will be a breakthrough for the country by truly enabling the fastest test with the best accuracy,” said Conrad Bessemer, president and co-founder of Opteev and CEO of Novatec Inc., owner of Opteev.

Opteev products use patented sensor technology that focuses on the unique electrochemistry of spiked protein viruses, including COVID-19 and influenza, to trigger an alert.

Bessemer said the company has strong supply and manufacturing partners who have gathered millions of microchips amid the global shortage and are working long hours during the holidays to get the company’s new virus scanners into their hands. and homes of as many people as possible and as soon as possible.

One of the partners is Los Angeles-based Nelson-Miller Inc., an injection moulder specializing in flexible and rigid circuitry, user interface components, and in-mold decoration. The transformer has US facilities in Wisconsin.

As production ramps up, the Federal Drug Administration is reviewing Opteev’s latest products, which will hit the market at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas January 5-8, 2022.

“We are currently going through emergency clearance with the FDA for release and final approval, just like they did with vaccines,” Bessemer said.

Both products have been tested in hundreds of homes and most recently by the National Institutes of Health in Virginia.

“They found that our device is 100% accurate in instantly detecting COVID, whether in a room or on your breath,” Bessemer said.

The device for offices, cubicles and small conference rooms is called Checkpoint, and the device for large spaces like classrooms and conference rooms Sentinel.

Names are still under review for Opteev’s COVID breathalyzer. Right now they’re called Protex for monitoring large groups like schools and businesses and Freedom for the individual version.

Shipment of the bedroom devices is expected to begin in February, with personal devices to follow in March.

“It will provide instant personal detection and separate the flu from COVID in five seconds. It’s portable and you can travel with it or put it in the car,” Bessemer said.

Opteev’s partners include Qualcomm, Bosch, Panasonic and Sun Micro for electronics, in addition to Nelson-Miller as a moulder and assembler for several of its products.

“Our partners are staying open over the holidays to have thousands, millions of available for next year to help get them to people as quickly as possible,” Bessemer said.

The goal is to have around 500 million virus detectors next year.

Bessemer calls this “another example of American property at work.” He declined to disclose the type of investment he made with his business partner Steve Maguire, but he is proud of it.

“These devices weren’t funded by any government grants. It shows you what good old American ingenuity can do with Steve and I providing the advice and funding needed,” Bessemer said.

Earlier this year, Opteev announced that it had developed an airborne virus detector called ViraWarn which is the first plug-in screening device to analyze the air in interior spaces, detect viral contamination and warn occupants. Shipping of this product is expected to begin in early January.

Opteev is a sister company of Novatec, which owns patents on airflow and air drying machines, and MachineSense LLC, which develops Industry 4.0 manufacturing platforms for airflow transport systems. air.

The makers of airflow, temperature and sensor technologies formed Opteev in June, but the devices have been the focus of attention from MachineSense and an Indian company called Prophecy Sensorlytics for a few years.

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