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October is National Manufacturing Month – a month dedicated to celebrating and showcasing the jobs and career opportunities that exist in the wider manufacturing industry and, of course, here at Polaris. Today, October 7, marks National Manufacturing Day.

Our manufacturing teams are fueled by a skilled workforce dedicated to quality, safety and innovation. Whether in assembly, welding, quality, materials or production, these jobs adhere to our industry-leading quality protocols and help our customers THINK OUTSIDE.

“Manufacturing is at the heart of Polaris,” says Tony P., Director of Human Resources, Central Operations. “This is where the majority of our employees work, contributing to the hundreds of thousands of vehicles we manufacture. I believe our broader organization understands the core of where products come from, who makes them and what’s in them as a whole. Because of the value we place on our manufacturing teams, their career path and self-awareness at Polaris is enhanced.

With change comes opportunity and growth

As technology advances and innovation drives new ways to design and build a vehicle, the work done on a manufacturing line evolves, also requiring the workforce to adapt and change. In fact, “change” was often the response of a group of manufacturing team members when asked what was the most interesting aspect of their job. The change, they explained, came in the form of new ways engineers designed an engine that would then require new parts, new models, new machines and new ways of doing something. It was this kind of change, they agreed, that made working on the lines so interesting – and they were proud of how innovation drives the business forward, to be part of this team.

This change highlights the need for skilled labor on production lines. Recent job postings on Polaris.com list everything from assemblers to robot programmer, production supervisors and plant planners, material flow engineering technologist, group leaders and more .

Another word that was frequently discussed among the same group of employees was “opportunity,” as they recalled the many different roles, experiences, and advancements they had had during their time at Polaris. In fact, they all agree, opportunities abound at Polaris.

“There is definitely an opportunity for growth within Polaris,” says Rusty J., production line supervisor in Osceola, WI, who in just two years has worked as an assembler, material handler, clutch supervisor and 2n/a shift supervisor. “If you want to make a career out of it, there are all kinds of opportunities here and new jobs are opening up every day.”

And, those same employees agreed, it’s not just about the job you’re hired for – it’s about the path that opens up once your first job at Polaris begins. For Amy B., a senior supply chain systems analyst who started in metallic paint in 1994, she credits her colleagues and leaders for helping her advance in manufacturing jobs and build a career. “People are very willing to help you get where you want to go,” she says. “I had so many people helping and guiding me along the way.”

Manufacturing career opportunities are available at several Polaris locations. You can find more information about current openings at polaris.com/careers

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