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FRIDAY PUZZLE – Builders have a history of trying to outdo each other when it comes to doing crossword puzzles and frankly I’m a fan. Not so long ago, the builder who could stack the longest entries on top of each other was a hero. This Evan Mahnken puzzle, however, is on a whole other level. I have never seen anything like it.

There is a note on his puzzle that says, “This puzzle has four different solutions. When you’re done, read the circled letters from top to bottom to find another one.

It’s incredible. I’ve seen Schrödinger puzzles, where one or two answers could be substituted for each other, but in all my time doing this, I’ve never seen a puzzle with four different solutions, let alone one another inside the circled letters.

Outstanding work, Mr. Mahnken.

Fear not, solvers. You have this. Believe me, I’m a columnist.

1A. “You could bid on it” sounds like we’re supposed to think about the item we’re bidding on, but this hint is about the platform we can bid on, and that’s EBAY.

16A. If a clue contains a foreign language, like this, the answer must also be in that language. “It spins il mondo” alludes to the idiom “Love makes the world spin”, and since the phrase “il mondo” is Italian, the answer is AMORE.

20A. I loved this clue. A “Vegas machine with the best odds” is an ATM.

18D. Speaking of banks, a “Job in a bank” is not necessarily legal. It could be a heist, as a “bank job” is also slang for a robbery.

What can I say except that there are four different solutions and another one inside the circled letters?

Not a lot. But if I were you, I’d look at the date on the puzzle.

As a chemistry teacher, I can’t believe it took me so long to create a chemistry-themed puzzle! And I can’t wait to see everyone at the American Crossword Tournament tomorrow. Good (dis)resolution!

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