Nyrada reveals encouraging cholesterol-lowering drug study results

Preclinical results indicate the potential for Nyrada to develop a single pill treatment for high cholesterol.

Australian biotech Nyrada Inc (ASX: NYR) reported encouraging preclinical results from its drug development program to treat patients with high cholesterol.

The company told the market today that the results indicated the possibility of developing a single-pill treatment for high cholesterol to replace expensive ongoing injections.

Nyrada conducted a study on healthy human lymphocytes from donors (white blood cells) treated with the company PCSK9 inhibitor drug, NYX-PCSK9i.

When the body has too much low density lipoprotein (LDL, also called “bad” cholesterol) cholesterol, they can build up on the walls of the arteries, restrict blood flow and potentially lead to heart attack and stroke. PCSK9 is a naturally produced protein that plays a counter-role in the regulatory process.

According to preclinical results, the cells showed increased levels of LDL receptors and demonstrated equivalence with the commercial PCSK9 monoclonal antibodies, evolocumab and alirocumab.

The results were also confirmed with and without the addition of a statin, demonstrating the potential to develop combined PCSK9-statin therapy in a single pill.

Current treatments for hypercholesterolemia

According to Nyrada, an estimated 70% of people at risk for cardiovascular disease are unable to reach their target LDL cholesterol levels using statin therapy alone.

Therefore, current treatments for high LDL cholesterol often include expensive, continuous injections that must be taken separately from statins.

These medicines include evolocumab, branded by Repatha by Amgen, and alirocumab, which was developed under the name Praluent by Sanofi and Regeneron.

According to Nyrada, combined sales of injectable inhibitors Repatha and Praluent PCSK9 totaled more than US $ 900 million (AU $ 1.29 billion) in fiscal 2019.

Nyrada CEO James Bonnar said having a drug candidate that works as well as the two market-leading PSCK9 monoclonal antibodies in a human cell model is a “huge achievement.”

“This represents a big step forward in our mission to develop the very first small molecule PCSK9 inhibitor to treat high cholesterol and provide a beneficial, economical and convenient treatment alternative to Repatha and Praluent,” he said. declared.

Professor Gilles Lambert, a member of Nyrada’s scientific advisory board, said the preclinical results mark an exciting scientific milestone for the company, indicating the potential to provide a more convenient option for patients than regular injections.

“The results occur both with and without a statin being present, opening the potential for Nyrada’s drug to be administered alone or in combination with statin therapy,” he added.

Nryada had $ 6.1 million in cash in the bank at the end of the March quarter, while actively pursuing various non-dilutive and collaborative funding opportunities for the development of its product candidates.

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