New requirements for unregistered boilers, pressure vessels come into force


The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) has published detailed requirements for boilers, pressure vessels (BPVs), fittings and piping used for agricultural purposes. These requirements begin on July 1, 2021.

First announced last year, the exemption that was previously in place for agricultural BPVs was revoked last summer due to growing safety concerns.

All new and existing installations of boilers, pressure vessels (BPVs), fittings and piping used for agricultural purposes in Ontario must comply with regulatory and code requirements.

New installations

For new installations, a TSSA BPV inspector performs an installation inspection of all pressure equipment before it is put into service. If successful, the TSSA issues an inspection certificate (COI).

Once owners and operators have received a COI, the certified equipment will then be subject to periodic inspection by a qualified inspector – owners should request an inspection from either their insurer or the TSSA, as applicable, before the expiry date of their inspection certificate. More information is available online and a reference document here:

Manufacturers of pressure equipment must register their designs with the CTS, and designs must meet the requirements of the applicable North American code. Once approved, a Canadian Registration Number (CRN) is issued, which must be listed on the nameplate of each boiler and pressure vessel by the manufacturer. Manufacturers, manufacturers, contractors, assemblers or repair organizations of pressure equipment must have a valid certificate of authorization.

Existing installations

All existing and unregistered Boilers and Pressure Vessels (BPVs) that need to be repaired, modified, upgraded and / or replaced; and their associated piping systems, will be regulated on July 1. For more details, download the bulletin here:

The TSSA is currently developing a plan, which will be spread over five years, to bring all BPVs currently installed and used for agricultural purposes into compliance. The deadline of March 1 for existing registered installations has been changed.

“The information collected via the form will be used by CTS conduct a risk-based assessment and prioritize inspection planning based on device type, location and insurance coverage. More details will be available in the coming weeks when the form is released, ”the statement said.

Owners, operators and insurers are advised to consider the new obligations under the Technical Standards and Safety Act 2000Ontario Regulation 220/01: Boilers and Pressure Vessels and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) B51: 19 Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Pressure Piping Code

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