Music Action # 37, catch-up session, eclecticism and vocal curiosity on all floors for 4 days


The catch-up session of the Festival d’Action Musicale, which takes place in Vandeuvre-lès-Nancy, from September 30 to October 3, is intended to be eclectic, full of vocal curiosity, and incredible but fascinating inventions. With, as always, free access to some of them.

free entry…
Two words mean that to live the immersive experience presented as part of the Musique Action Festival, version 37, catch-up session in Vandeuvre-lès-Nancy, from September 30 to October 3, 2021, you will not need anything else. . Of your senses and your health pass.

We are at the start of a new digital age.

Mathieu Chamani

Sizes“It is a virtual reality installation imagined by Nancyien Mathieu Chamani.
You’ll be able to wander through an empty space, but once you put the VR headset on your head, you’ll be ready to explore a whole new world. Kind of like you’re in a parallel room. You will be able to manipulate the audio elements and compose your own music. The more you explore space and its possibilities, the more you touch with your fingertips the endless possibilities offered by the artist.

by Matthieu ShamaniDigital technology offers the possibility of endlessly fabricating things and imagining entire universes. We can make sound bodies, see them, manipulate them and hear them. We are at the start of a new digital age.“In 2019, we reported on one of the phases of this work.

Eric Perrin meets the herbalist Jean Maison, based in Corrèze

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There, we are already in contemporary art.

Olvier Perry, director of CCAM, Scène Nationale de Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy

In 2021, the installation is developing, as Olivier Berry, director of the André Malraux Cultural Center (CCAM) in Vandeuvre-lès-Nancy.
The audience enters a virtual space which is a musical instrument, ignoring its rules. What are these machines? How do you play it? We must try to manipulate them. It is a very complex system in virtual reality with “trackers” which allow people to be located and their gestures in space. Anyone can become a musician. There is obviously a computer programming company, but there is also some great visual work. There is a very strong artistic and sound trend. It really is a theme of musical creativity. Often times when we step into shapes in virtual reality we have very stereotypical audio and graphic worlds. There, we are already in contemporary art. Mathieu Chamagne’s great strength is that he has hijacked all digital tools, including the form that can be found in video games. But here we find ourselves in a unique stage to give people a real experience of contemporary artistic creation.. ”

The volumes are open and free for the duration of the festival.

Anthony Laguerre and the Strasbourg Rhythmic Ensemble

In the basics of the program, we can also remember the presence of filesAntoine Laguerre, also from Nancy, with Strasbourg rhythm With “Myotis V“.
Anthony Laguerre, composer, improviser and sound engineer, has traveled through rock, noise and improvised music. He is also known for his exploration of the drums.

Olivier Perry follows his career closely:He is someone who is constantly looking for new standards, in order to be able to handle a relatively familiar instrument, the drums. In his solo “Myotis”, he uses the tension of the mechanics. He even went so far as to adjust the skin tightness while performing the piece in public. He is a musician who constantly pushes the limits of his instrument with exceptional ingenuity. There is a small “Jimmy Page” dimension to Anthony. How to make those drums sound different while still staying in the periphery that this machine defines, it works. He grew up at CCAM, first with Dominique Repecaud then also showed a flair for writing and audiovisual. Writing for others and passing on this material, and so, little by little, the desire to work with groups arose. “

Eric Perrin meets the herbalist Jean Maison, based in Corrèze

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“Les percussions de Strasbourg is a group which will also be celebrating its 60th anniversary.
This group chose the chamber orchestra format for percussion. The percussion instrument was invented in Strasbourg 60 years ago. The form seized all over the world. In recent years this group has started looking for encounters like the one that happened Ryoji Ikeda tome Musical celebration Strasbourg 2020.

The team is also keen to explore new formats. Their meeting ended. Anthony brought in the material for his first solo songs, but with the idea that he wouldn’t be the lead singer of the piece. From the control room, “play their interpretation”. It amplifies. He will look for subtle sounds and amplify them. The idea is that we hear sounds that we don’t normally hear. Small, thin, almost inaudible sounds are brought out during the performance of the piece. It’s like looking at an image for the smallest detail and zooming in. It’s a project with an experimental dimension, but it also has the angry energy of Anthony’s music.. “

The 21st century piano

The humor, resulting from the “piano instrument” posted by the artists, is very interesting.
The piano speaks to us. It seems that the piano is the one who plays the piano …

Olivier Berry enlightens us on this subject: “Claudine Simon, originally, is a classical pianist, and she asked herself the question: What would a piano for the 21st century be? In the 20th century, the American musician Henny Coil had the idea to open the piano and play directly with the strings, not on the keyboard. Then, John Cage puts forward the principle of a rigged piano. For “Pianomachine”, Claudine Simon and Vivian Trillcat worked with engineering schools to imagine devices that would disrupt the normal functioning of the piano. Instrumental systems work, for example, on piano strings. The piano in the digital world is a bit wild. They hijack the piano to better reinvent it, to extract an element of musical creativity. The piano itself is transformed into a form of scenography and one can imagine the display of what is happening inside this piano on the screen. Claudine Simon is part of the new generation of composers. It is a prominent female figure who emerges. “

Eric Perrin meets the herbalist Jean Maison, based in Corrèze

© France 3 New Aquitaine

Rebellion, urgency and anger

Olivier Perry offers us a discovery in collaboration withNational Opera of Lorraine, Salle Poirel, Oct. 2 The work of an American composer whose work we are currently rediscovering.

The first notes of Evil Nigger sound like a siren, like a call for revolution. A piece of music is rarely filled with this sense of urgency and anger. On this wonderful evening, with four pianists, featuring a rediscovery of one of the greatest composers of American minimalism.. ”

Julius Eastman Anonymous died in 1990 and many of his scores have been lost. His work has been unfairly ignored and has been the subject of recent rediscovery.

Also to be noted in Mr CC Lilbon, Morning encounter with Lee Chronicles. musicologist cosmic clouds Artists will be invited to public discussions.

Traditional electronic music, improvisational music, eclectic and curious, action music festival, catch-up session 2021 promises to be exciting.

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