Mining Algorithm Revolution, Bill Code takes the lead in hard drive mining support


New York, New York – (Newsfile Corp. – July 1, 2021) – Recently, Bill Code, an emerging blockchain player in the main dividend period, announced that Bill Code will support the ecology of mining on Hard disk. Bill Code adopts the CPoC consensus algorithm. Bill code mining does not need fast data rate, it only needs the capacity of the hard drive. Therefore, without professional equipment, bandwidth and family equipment can meet mining demand. Bill Code has achieved the ideal mining ecology of low cost participation of all people.

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Nowadays, the threshold of participants in mining is getting higher, not only the cost of the mining machine and graphics card, but also the cost of using and maintaining the mining machine. , as well as the risk of computational overvoltage and the risk of mining machine failure. caused by the technical iteration of the project team. At present, the hard drive ripping mode represented by BILL has become an emerging trend in the market. Bill Code integrates Beale’s cipher treasure into the blockchain node. Fans of Beale ciphers can extract the treasure from Beale ciphers through the treasure hunt.

BILL mining benefits based on the CPoC mechanism

Bill Code adopts the CPoC conditional proof of capacity mechanism, which is the PoC consensus upgrade. It uses the hard drive space of the computer rather than the computing power of the computer. Under the CPoC mining mechanism, BILL mining is safer, more environmentally friendly and more decentralized, and the hardware requirements for mining are reduced to a very low level.

BILL economic model to ensure the circulation of tokens

BILL’s total supply is 45 million. Technically, it retains the characteristics of low consumption, energy saving and efficient exchange of other PoC mining projects. However, there is a very big innovation in the mode. It adopts mobility extraction mechanism. Miners can only participate in mobility mining by paying a certain amount of “tickets”, so miners tend to dig with common “mortgage” mining. And miners have to buy BILLS in the commercial market or use a hard drive to search for BILLs to pay for the “ticket”. Thus, mobile BILLs in the market have been deflated and the corresponding BILL price is rising.

BILL allocation mechanism
1 million INVOICES for the test treasure hunt (test invoice)
24 million invoices for hard drive ripping
18.1 million BILLS for cash extraction

Bill Code plays a game between CPoC mining (value mining) and liquidity mining (consensus mining), and analyzes the dominant trend of the mining industry in the future based on theory results. Bill Code only reserves a small amount of BILL as an operating expense to maximize the benefits of absenteeism and maintain a virtuous cycle of BILL ecology. Bill Code’s business model is currently superior to other cryptocurrencies, but the mainnet is not yet live, so it remains to be seen whether it can become the biggest winner.

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