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The mileage renewal relates to funding for programs for seniors, facilities

Posted at 4:37 p.m. on Friday, November 4, 2022

RESERVE – This Tuesday, voters in the parish of Saint-Jean-Baptiste will decide whether or not to renew a tax supporting centers for the elderly run by the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Parish Council on Aging.

Parish Proposal #2 of 2 asks whether St. John Parish should continue to levy a one-millie property tax, equivalent to approximately $772,900 to be collected per year, for a 10-year period beginning in 2024 and ending in 2033. This tax revenue may only be used to acquire, build, maintain and fund the parish’s seniors programs.

St. John’s Council on Aging director Cheryl Parquet said the mileage supports services for seniors as well as the upkeep of senior centers in the West Bank and West Bank.

The St. John Council on Aging offers communal meals where seniors can gather to eat a meal five days a week. Meals are also being transported to homebound elderly people.

Other services include recreational events and respite care to relieve family members caring for homebound seniors. The Council on Aging has also contracted legal services to assist residents aged 60 and over with living wills, foreclosures and other minor legal matters.

While the senior center near Juan Anthony Joseph Memorial Park in Edgard did not sustain much damage during Hurricane Ida, repairs are still underway at the reserve location on REGALA Park Road. .

The largest hall in the reserve is open and is currently used to provide meals and programs for seniors. The space where the Council on Aging usually holds computer classes and another recreation area previously used for entertainment are still awaiting repairs.

Parquet said the centers for the elderly are an asset to the parish that has great meaning for those who use the services.

“Coming here gives seniors a home away from home. The socialization that takes place here relieves whatever they may experience at home. They like bingo, they like to eat, they like to dance and they like to go on trips. We are like one big happy family,” Parquet said.

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