Meet 5 AAP men leading a campaign to end the BJP’s 27-year rule in Gujarat

The search for young people and new faces by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) lasted almost ten years. Read more

Gandhinagar: The search for young people and new faces by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) lasted almost ten years. His current team is led by faces who have at one time led one or another agitation against the ruling party in Gujarat.

1. Gopal Italy

The party’s president, Gopal Italia, is a former government employee. He quit his job to do justice to the thousands of young people serving in the Lok Rakshak Dal and aspiring candidates. Even before he joined politics, his actions had made him a journalist. For example, he threw a slipper at State Interior Minister Pradipsinh Jadeja, raising the issue of corruption. His phone conversation with Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel over the poor implementation of the ban policy had become the talk of the state three years ago.

Italia comes from a modest background, but her thoughts are rather rebellious and revolutionary. He represents the Patidar community, but is not as influential as Hardik Patel. The Patidars dominate on 52 assembly seats.

2. Isudan Gadhvi

isoudan gadhvi

The other big face of the AAP in Gujarat is Isudan Gadhvi, a journalist-turned-politician, who served as the editor of one of the main regional news channels. Having the ambition to become a politician, he joined the AAP.

AAP sources say he was selected by the party’s national leaders because they were looking for a public face, his prime-time schedule garnered good TRPs, and he had a good following. followers on social media pages.

The Gadhvi community has a negligible presence in the state vote share and only dominates one or two seats in the assembly.

3. Yuvrajsinh Jadeja

Yuvrajsinh Jadeja

Yuvrajsinh Jadeja, a student and youth leader, rose to prominence when he led the movement of aspiring LRD candidates. He exposed the flaws of the competitive examinations, on four or five occasions he shared details of the leaking of papers during the exams, due to which the government had to cancel the exams.

He has a huge following on social media and belongs to the Kshatriya Rajput community, which dominates in at least half a dozen seats with just 6% representation in the vote. Jadeja has followers in all castes and among young people.

4. Ram of Pravin

Other faces of AAP are Pravin Ram, a M. Tech graduate who first led an agitation in Junagadh district against corrupt practices in cooperative societies and is chairman of Jan Adhikar Manch.

Later, he led the movement of aspiring government candidates on the reservations issue.

5. Sagar Rabari

Sagar Rabari is the face of the peasant movement, he had fought for the MSP for the crops, for crop insurance. He had filed a petition in the High Court of Gujarat and he was one of the leaders of the agitation against the special chemical investment region of Becharaji.

Although they all have their own backgrounds, they lack influence among all castes and creeds across the state. This is why the AAP wants to cash in on the popularity of the party’s national organizer, Arvind Kejriwal, and the Delhi model of governance. His campaign slogan is “A chance for Kejriwal”.

This was disputed by Congress spokesman Pawan Khera during his recent visit to Gujarat. He demanded that Arvind Kejriwal announce from which assembly seat he will stand in Gujarat, and if he does not contest why is he calling to vote for him.

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