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Thiruvananthapuram: According to Kerala Education Minister V Sivankutty’s announcement to the Kerala Assembly, Malayalam alphabets are resurfacing in textbooks. The move comes as part of the campaign against avoiding the avoidance of Malayalam alphabets in textbooks prepared by the State Council for Educational Research and Training (SCERT Kerala). Notably, Mathrubhumi, among others, was at the forefront in starting the debate on missing alphabets in textbooks and in turn, he strived to maintain the Malayalam language.

Sivankutty told the assembly on November 8 that not teaching Malayalam in textbooks was a serious concern. “The alphabets will be included in the textbooks. The non-inclusion of alphabets in the manual will be examined ”, announced the Minister. The intentional omission of Malayalam alphabets will also be considered. “The books are being prepared by SCERT. What led to the removal of the Malayalam alphabets is unknown. He will be probed and rectified. Schools involved in intentionally not teaching Malayalam will also be examined, ”he added.

Renowned social critic and activist MN Karassery launched a debate called “Mayarathu Malayalam” (Malayalam must not go away) through Mathrubhumi. Many linguists and linguaphiles took it up and gave a boost. Notably, it was the Chief Government Whip, Dr N Jayaraj, who brought the matter to the attention of the Kerala Assembly during the discussion on the Education Policy Amendment. He pointed out that Malayalam textbooks do not have a Malayalam alphabet and children do not learn to equip themselves. Relevantly, for 12 years, even in textbooks used by Malayalam middle schools, Malayalam alphabets were lacking. Curriculum reform in 2009 led to the avoidance of Malayalam.

On November 1, Kerala Day, Mathrubhumi had published a column entitled “Vidhyabyasya Manthri Vaayichariyan” on the relevance of Malayalam. The text was read by Malayali crowds around the world and sparked debate. This has been picked up by many other intellectuals and activists. It also gave rise to discussions on social media. Mathrubhumi has also received responses from the public on this matter.

Meanwhile, Sivankutty after the announcement to the assembly, called and informed Karassery of the decision. In response, Karrasery considered the measure to be exemplary. He also praised Mathrubhumi’s efforts to bring the issue to the public’s attention.

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