Many are hoping the Governor will say Drop The Masks Yakima!

Will this be the week Governor Jay Inslee announces the end date of the state’s interior masking mandate? Last week, the governor told residents to continue wearing masks indoors and he said nothing about unmasking children in schools.

Washington is the only West Coast state with no end in sight

Only a handful of states still have the warrants. Washington State is the only West Coast state with an inland blackout mandate that does not have an end date. California’s domestic mandate ends February 15. Governor Inslee told reporters last week that he was still reviewing the data before announcing a date. He also says he won’t be swayed by what other states do.

So will we hear an end date for the indoor mask mandate this week?

So at his Wednesday press conference this week, we could hear a date, possibly in March, as to when the masking mandate would end. But will children always have to wear masks in schools? Chris Reykdal, the state’s superintendent of public instruction, said he believes the time has come “to eliminate the statewide masking requirement for students and allow for a decision of the local health authorities”. It is unclear whether the governor agrees with Reykdal.
Yakima County Commissioner Amanda McKinney says she’s upset the governor didn’t talk about masks in schools. She hopes to pressure the governor’s office to address the issue possibly this week.

The governor said the term of the big event mask ends on February 18

During his press conference on Wednesday, the governor said the masking mandate for big events would end Feb. 18, the same day elective surgeries could resume in Washington.

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