Machine Gun Kelly’s inspired by Megan Fox, ‘The Da Vinci Code’

Machine Gun Kelly just made his directorial debut with the stoner comedy Hello. Kelly was first inspired to write the film when he received a cryptic text from his fiancée Megan Fox before she went on a trip. Although it was before the two started dating, the post caused Kelly to drift away from the supposed meaning behind it. He spoke to Marc Malkin about Variety about this heartbreaking experience.

“So I was just stuck, like, sitting there trying to decode this text. And it was like the Da Vinci Code. I went to all these places, like what does that mean? does that mean? And not everyone I was getting relationship advice from was in a relationship. So that led me down a long, dark, terrible road.

This route led him to write a 150-page screenplay by the time Fox returned to town.

“I was like, ‘I need you to sit down. I need to read this to you. And then I read it all and she was like, ‘That’s what there was. in your head? Nothing’s wrong. Like rereading the text. That’s what I said. It’s really funny how things go. We always butt heads. We put ourselves in our own way. »

According to Variety, the film is about “film star London Ransom, whose world is turned upside down when he receives a breakup text from the love of his life on the day of the most important meeting of his career”. Sound familiar? Kelly went on to explain how her character in Hello compares to him in real life. “

“A lot of this character that you look at in the movie is me in real life. Like I’m a very nice, lost, gentle boy at heart and I feel like the world kind of toughens me up and that I have to defend myself.

Kelly directed the film with fellow musician Mod Sun and the pair also wrote and starred in it. The film also stars Fox as one of Kelly’s roommates along with Becky G, Whitney Cummings, Dove Cameron, GaTa, Zach Villa, Jenna Boyd, and Pete Davidson.

Kelly was thrilled to feature Fox in her film to highlight her favorite aspects about her. “

“I love that she has become my favorite thing about her – how funny she is and how witty she is”

Hello will be released on May 20 on video on demand as well as a limited theatrical release.

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