Loan Professionals: loans from Postal service Italy for companies and businesses

Let’s find out everything you need to know about the Fostal Bank Professional loan. Let’s see what are the necessary requirements to have access to it and what are the characteristics of this product, with the interest rates applied, the amount that we can request and the methods of disbursement and reimbursement. Finally, how to apply for Postal service Italy loans for companies and businesses, with all the documents requested.

Fostal Bank Loan Professionals: personal loans companies and companies

Fostal Bank Loan Professionals: personal loans companies and companies

Among the companies that offer their customers loans at particularly advantageous conditions, one of the best is certainly that of the Italian Post Office. Fostal Bank loans are aimed at a very large clientele, and among the products we find under this name there are loans for Professionals. So let’s see how these loans work and what is the sum at which we can have access.

Obviously these loans are aimed at those self-employed, holders of VAT, who have the need for example to buy a machine or any computer equipment for their business, or to restructure the office or any other professional need. These are given by Postal service Italy the ability to access credit easily and quickly. The sum to which you can have access starts from a minimum of 5,000 up to a maximum of 40,000 euros.

This is fast financing, as the disbursement takes place via direct credit to the Fostal Bank account registered to the customer. Regarding the repayment of the sum loaned to us, the installments will be debited to the current account, and we will begin to pay the following month with respect to the payment of the sum requested. We can choose the duration of the loan at will, and starts from a minimum of 24 up to a maximum of 96 months. According to our preferences, the repayment installments and the interests we will pay will be calculated. So the freelancers, but also companies and companies, that are interested in receiving a loan through Fostal Bank Professionals loans, can request a quote from one of the authorized post offices, where we will be given all the information about this form of loan.

An example is presented on the website of the Post Office, which gives a better idea of ​​the treatment of customers who choose loans for professionals. In this example, the sum requested by the customer is € 20,000. Choosing a refund in 60 months, we note how the installment that we will face each month is equal to 403.60 euros, while Tan and Taeg are respectively 7.80% and 8.13%.

How to receive personal loans for Postal service Italy Professionals

How to receive personal loans for Postal service Italy Professionals

As we said, the best thing to do is, first of all, to request a completely free estimate, in order to get an idea of ​​the expenses we will face each month. Now let’s see what are the requirements to receive the desired Fostal Bank Professional loan. This product is addressed to freelancers and self-employed workers with VAT number, therefore, as regards the documentation that will be requested, there are obviously the VAT number with the relative certificate, issued by the Revenue Agency, and the last tax return (Single Model).

A further document will be requested from freelancers, that is, the Registration Card in the Register or the Professional Order, which will therefore attest to the profession carried out by the client. As for the personal documents necessary to proceed with the request for the desired financing, these are the identity card and the health card. To start the procedure it will be enough to go to one of the post offices, whose list can be easily consulted on the Postal service Italy website. Always through the site you can make an appointment, leaving your data and specifying the date and time preferred by us.



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