Letter: Any push for AI must clear up the school coding conundrum

The research is right – the UK will never meet the growing demand for artificial intelligence and machine learning if schools don’t have the resources to teach them (“Big Tech argues that AI will change the world of work”, Inside businessOctober 14).

Almost half (49%) of 16-24 year olds in the UK consider coding languages ​​to be more or just as valuable as foreign language skills, according to research we conducted among students.

Yet 43% of students say that one of the biggest barriers to studying coding and data skills in school and college is that it’s not taught in many programs.

We have a social responsibility to build a sufficient pipeline in schools and universities. The ability to understand and apply data through code is not only an important life skill, it is also essential for future savings. The education system seems to be catching up when it comes to aligning learning and curricula with the demands of modern work.

We must challenge governments and education organizations to modernize curricula and ensure that career guidance meets industry needs.

Companies have a role to play here by partnering with educational institutions and investing in training to help new hires acquire the skills they need to succeed and create a culture of continuous learning.

Dan Baker
Head of Evangelism, KX
Newry, County Armagh, UK

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