KHS Students Participate in BPA’s National Leadership Conference – WKTN

The students pictured are (left to right): Sam Chen, Nate Compton, Kira Ray and Emma Mulligan

Last week, students from Kenton High School attended the BPA (Business Professionals of America) National Leadership Conference in Dallas, Texas.

Nate Compton ranked 7th in Python Programming, earning a medallion and a spot in the top 10. He also earned 7 industry-recognized certifications for things like Python Programming, Adobe Photoshop, IT Fundamentals, and Game Design Fundamentals.

Emma Mulligan participated in legal office proceedings. She did not place in the top 10, but finished in the top 50%. She has also obtained certification in business law, professional communication and as an IT specialist in network security.

Sam Chen worked as a volunteer at the BPA to help set up the awards program. He also earned certifications in computer systems and computer programming in Python.

Kira Ray volunteered at the BPA to help set up the rewards program. She has also obtained certifications in marketing, business management, business communication and entrepreneurship.

KHS teachers Justin Rigsby and Joe Funkhouser chaperoned KHS students and volunteered in the Certiport certification lab.

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