Ketlin De Mello Moreira Selected for DOE Summer Research Program


Ketlin de Mello Moreira became one of 90 community college students across the country to be shortlisted for summer research opportunities by the US Department of Energy. Ketlin, who is on track to graduate this summer, is a computer information technology student at Chattanooga State Community College specializing in programming. She works as a software developer and research intern at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Even though Ms. Moreira has a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature, the enthusiasm she expected in the field left her feeling ‘meh’. Then it happened. “The spark I was missing ignited the instant I saw a close friend create a colorful, fully responsive website,” Ms. Moreira recalls. “Software and website development appeals to all of my passions, combining my creativity, providing useful information and detailed problem solving. ”

Participating in a solid series of activities since June 7 at ORNL, Ms. Moreira had the opportunity to meet many scientists and researchers in various fields of expertise, to understand the process of scientific discovery and to experience their solutions to energy and security issues.

“Technology plays an important role in making it easier for an individual to communicate, learn and think,” Ms. Moreira said. “Through my new career, I will help simplify the use of data and information in all areas of art, science, technology and engineering.

Ms. Moreira continues to be impressed with her new career choice. “One of the most fascinating activities I have been involved in at ORNL has been developing an application in CUDA to run on the Summit, the most powerful computer ever built in the country.”

A sudden change of career is not without anxiety, but Ms. Moreira thanks Savitha Pinnepalli, head of the CIT department at ChattState, for her unwavering dedication. “Madame. Savitha not only helped me navigate the course, but made me believe countless times in my potential, whether through the way she conducts her classes or through academic guidance.

Ms. Moreira is already considering her next steps. “My next short term goal is to join the workforce as a software developer. After that, I plan to pursue an MBA in Management Information Systems at Tennessee Tech.

State of Chattanooga. Start here… go anywhere.

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