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CHICAGO, October 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Kearney Global Consulting Firm and Strategic Partner LIFT Manufacturing Institute today officially launched the Digital Model Factory, a convenient facility where industrial companies can explore the best way to apply Industry 4.0 technologies in their operations.

The new Digital Model Factory (DMF) is located at LIFT’s 100,000 square foot facility in Corktown, Michigan – a technological center for the automotive, aeronautical and industrial sectors. The DMF comprises a manufacturing and assembly line equipped with advanced manufacturing analytics and augmented reality solutions that allow visitors to experience the power of digitally augmented operations.

“Together, Kearney and LIFT will help businesses through United States take the next crucial step to make digital manufacturing a reality in their factories, ”said Doug Mehl, Kearney Partner and the global head of the company’s Industry 4.0 strategy. “Our common mission is to drive a radical change in the performance of the company.”

“Kearney’s DMF goes beyond to consider Industry 4.0 to find out what it really means implement this remarkable range of emerging technologies ”, noted Azaz Faruki, a director from Kearney who runs the day-to-day operations of the new digital model factory. “This unique facility makes it easy for customers to explore smart manufacturing through workshops, joint research and demonstrations.”

“We are excited to bring Kearney’s in-depth Industry 4.0 expertise to our ecosystem of innovative OEMs, industrial suppliers, research institutes, workforce development organizations, ‘educational institutions and professional societies,’ said Nigel Francois, CEO and Executive Director of LIFT, a public-private partnership between the US Department of Defense, industry and academia.

DMF Network

The DMF network led by Kearney / LIFT covers a range of pioneering companies, including:

Kinexon, which provides sensor networks and IT solutions to manufacturing, logistics, sports and media organizations. Kinexon solutions include wearable devices that track employee movements at manufacturing sites for safety and social distancing; Monitoring of material flow management that provides real-time location data to optimize operation performance and reduce storage costs; and Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) navigation, an intelligent and fast control system for driving AGVs freely, flexibly and autonomously.

Drishti Technologies, whose AI-powered video analytics technology delivers visibility and insight that accelerates the pace and impact of manual assembly line improvement. In 2019, Drishti was selected by the World Economic Forum as a technology pioneer; in 2020, Drishti was named in the Forbes AI 50 and among the top 5 AI companies in North America by NVIDIA. For more information, visit

Vimana is a global provider of advanced industrial analysis software and services that transforms the way businesses manufacture, sell and service their products.

Contextere which develops industrial AI software focused on improving human and machine performance through a combination of data mining, machine learning and natural language interfaces. Contextere’s analytics engine increases situational awareness, strengthens semantic understanding of dynamic data environments, and reduces cognitive overload.

“Our strategic partnership with LIFT and the DMF network of innovators builds on Kearney’s Shaping the Future of Advanced Manufacturing initiative with the World Economic Forum,” added Harris Ng, a Kearney Partner with expertise in the automotive and industrial sectors. “The launch of DMF is an important next step in moving from concept to reality as we establish a roadmap for the full realization of digital manufacturing and adoption of automation technologies. “

About Kearney

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About LIFT

LIFT, operated by the American Lightweight Materials Manufacturing Innovation Institute, is a Detroitpublic-private partnership based on the Ministry of Defense, industry and academia engaged in the development and deployment of advanced manufacturing technologies and the implementation of talent development initiatives to better prepare the workforce work today and in the future. LIFT is funded in part by the Department of Defense and managed by the Office of Naval Research. Visit to learn more.

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