Indium Corporation Announces Silver Quill Award Winners

Indium Corporation Announces Silver Quill Award Winners

Indium Corporation honored six of its employees for their contributions to the industry with its annual Silver Quill Award.

Indium Corporation’s Silver Quill Award program recognizes individuals who have authored original technical content in the form of conference papers, articles, presentations, and blog posts. It was designed to reward employees who have generated cutting-edge research and technical thought leadership content that addresses issues relevant to customers in the electronics industry.


The following employees received the 2021 Article of the Year award:

Dr HongWen Zhang, R&D manager – alloys group, Samuel Lytwynec, technical support engineer, and metallurgical researchers Huaguang Wang, Dr Jie Geng and Francis Mutuku.

The paper, A Novel Mixed-Powder Low-Temperature Solder with Superior Drop Shock Resistance, was published and presented at APEX 2021 and focuses on a study that examines the strengths of the innovative low-temperature alloy system of ‘Indium Corporation, Durafuse™ LT. In the study, Durafuse™ LT provided superior drop shock resistance, outperforming bismuth-tin (BiSn) or bismuth-tin-silver (BiSnAg) alloys and performing better than SAC305 with an optimal process configuration.

Special recognition was given to Chris Nash, Senior Product Manager, PCBA, and Dr. Ron Lasky, Senior Technologist, who, with support from expert technical engineers at Indium Corporation, co-authored The Printed Circuit Assembler’s Guide to …™ Solder Defects, an e-book published by I-Connect007. The book covers six common fault topics and how to avoid them to help PCB assemblers improve their assembly processes and end-product reliability, eliminate field failures, and reduce costs.

Download the PCB Assembler’s Guide to…Soldering Defects by Christopher Nash and Dr. Ronald C. Lasky. You can also view other titles in our comprehensive library of I-007e books here.

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