Immersive Network Partners with Blockchain Mega-Platform Starport to Connect Entertainment and Crypto Communities


LOS ANGELES, April 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Immersive Network today announced that it has secured commitments for more than $ 50 million via the Starport platform within 24 hours of launching their pre-IDO to fund Immersive Artistry’s first list of projects. The Immersive Network is a new blockchain-based platform launched by Starport, dedicated to extended reality entertainment and experiences.

“This is a pivotal moment to connect entertainment and media companies, producers, creators and others with crypto investors, providing a new source of funding and capital that is both democratized and grounded in the knowledge of different communities, “ noted Cary Granat, CEO of Immersive Artistry and Immersive Networks. “Today’s launch made it clear that the future of our industry will include blockchain technology and cryptocurrency network funding.”

Starport funding will go directly to Immersive Network, which will then fund Immersive Artistry projects, including the upcoming Las Vegas-based Good paradise which will use a myriad of new technologies and Hollywood stylish storytelling to transport visitors to an immersive environment South East Asia experience including music, food, fashion and exploration as well as a digital landscape. Likewise, these funds will help launch Immersive Artistry’s Christmas village, where guests will discover a North Pole village through a whole series of immersive technologies as performers and theatrical constructions of natural places.

“DeFi’s potential has hardly been scratched,” said Jacques wines, co-founder of Starport and Gebo. “Blockchain network technology has the capacity to power and disrupt entire industrial sectors. Starport the mission is mass adoption. The projects in our pipeline are all deployable real-world use cases that will help deliver on blockchain’s promise to change everything forever. “

“Immersive projects will help kick-start post-Covid entertainment and travel and create new jobs and opportunities in Las Vegas, Dallas and beyond. The future of finance is the future of entertainment, ”said Mr. Granat.

Starport is in beta, with now open, pre-IDO access to the immersive network through three tiers, each offering guaranteed future Starport token allocations, Starport community wallet distributions, access to VIP events, NFTs unique and more. Members will also have an influence on the decisions of future network projects selected to receive funding under the immersive network and the community.

TVNs purchased in presale include exclusive original works by a famous artist Paul Gerben and serve as temporary keys to the Starport launch facility. Once the launch is complete, Starport Access Tokens will be air-dropped to NFT holders, NFTs will be removed as access keys, and will remain collectible digital works of art commemorating this historic milestone in finance. decentralized. These unique Initial Access NFTs are a small example of how Starport will bridge art, technology and finance in new and exciting ways.

Following the pre-sale, Immersive Network will launch a blockchain network token called Starport’s VERSE to allow guests and visitors to Immersive Artistry attractions to access these experiences in an enhanced, portable, digital format without cash.

The Starport presale has attracted funding from around the world and the first round of the presale will remain open until Sunday April 4. A second round will follow a 12 hour break period.

Starport will announce the continuation of the envisaged projects and will seek additional funding for new platforms, content companies, delivery systems, AI, location-based platforms, games, e-sports and other network platforms generated by users in the coming weeks.

About the immersive network
The Immersive Network is an open oracle network using blockchain technology to power, host and facilitate a new era of immersive interactive entertainment through its relationship with Immersive Artistry. Immersive art was created to disrupt location-based entertainment by creating, building and operating experiential destinations that transport guests to places, cultures and times – both physically and digitally – through multi-sensory experiential entertainment. The Verse crypto-token will serve as a passport, tied to exclusive clothing and can be used in Immersive Artistry attractions.

About Starport
Starport is a launching pad for decentralized funding (challenge) of mega blockchain network projects sponsored by a proven industry leader with a real deployable use case ready for mass adoption. Starport was established by Gebo Group – a proprietary cryptocurrency trading company was co-founded in 2018 by Jacques wines, Serge Pustelnik, Alex Lubetski and Dan Pustelnik. James has over 25 years of experience as a securities lawyer representing leading banks, brokers, funds and trading companies on Wall Street. Serge and Alex, both Harvard alumni, have decades of experience in negotiating and managing inventories of complex financial instruments in several national and international market centers. Dan leads a team of veteran fintech and blockchain developers and partners to keep Gebo’s position at the forefront of what’s possible.


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