Glenn Youngkin’s continued calls to audit Virginia’s election machines touch nerves


It’s a close battle in the Virginia governor’s race, which is now less than a month away.

As the deadline draws closer and more people are noticing Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin’s calls for electoral machinery audits, he faces criticism for it.

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The most recent comments also touch the nerves of voters FOX 5 spoke to in Woodbridge on Wednesday – many say they are still concerned about the integrity of the election.

Youngkin again spoke about the audits of voting machines at an event that happened recently – the video shared on Facebook earlier this week.

“I just think I grew up in a world where you have an audit every year and companies, you have an audit. So let’s just check the voting machines, publish it for everyone to see. And I thinks that when we move forward with this, we’re going to make everyone feel comfortable that we actually have an electoral system that everyone can trust and stop complaining about – and can stop moving forward, ”he said in part of his comments on the integrity of the elections.

It’s important to note that the Virginia code requires the state to conduct post-election audits of ballot scanners. At March 2, 2021, the state electoral council announced that the audit performed on Virginia’s original votes for 2020 for the presidential and the senate have described the winners well.

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There are also a handbook from the Virginia Department of Elections which says in addition to needing the approval of the State Council of Elections, “Every machine and electronic ballot book (not a sample of machines) that will be used in an election must be tested before that election. to ensure that they have been programmed correctly and that they are functioning correctly. Testing the logic and accuracy of the voting machines will also uncover any printing or coding problems of the ballots that may affect a compilation. accurate and complete. ”A notice must also be sent to each party, who may choose a person to attend these tests.

FOX 5 has learned that Glenn Youngkin previously said he is not offering additional auditing beyond what has already been done.

So why the comments?

His team has basically said that electoral integrity measures like audits are something Youngkin says he will maintain as governor.

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“As Glenn Youngkin said in February, he believes that audits are good practice when it comes to administering elections, just as audits are common good practice in business, and he will ensure that Virginia continues to conduct audits and that they are thorough, efficient and precise. Glenn has been clear on his take on the 2020 election and nothing has changed. Clearly, McAuliffe opposes the requirement for photo ID to vote, but if he does not support routine audits, regular updating of voters lists, checking ballots. postal voting and other electoral best practices identified by bipartisan experts, he should be clear with Virginians on his stance. . With less than a month to go on election day, Glenn will continue to speak with voters about his plan to cut costs for all Virginians by eliminating the tax on groceries and cutting taxes for all Virginians, by funding law enforcement to make our communities safer …, “Youngkin spokesman Chris Martinez said in a statement to FOX 5.

McAuliffe’s team are among those who criticize Youngkin’s comments as peddling some of the electoral fraud plots of the 2020 presidential race.

“Once again, Glenn Youngkin – whose first and only six-month plan was ‘election integrity’ – makes it clear that it is his priority to bring in Trumpian audits and Donald Trump conspiracy theories in Virginia if elected. In November, Virginians will reject these Trumpian lies and choose a strong economy, open schools and access to affordable health care when they vote for Terry McAuliffe, ”the spokesperson said. by Terry for Virginia, Renzo Olivari.

Electoral integrity remains a delicate subject. Many residents of Virginia declined to speak to the camera on Wednesday.

“You don’t know anymore and that’s the problem. There isn’t as much trust and faith in the system as it used to be. You will always have something. But you have to have checks and balances. I think the machines. to vote must also be verified, ”said a man who asked not to be identified.

Another woman who also asked not to be identified told FOX 5: “I have confidence in the system. could do anything fraudulent. I don’t see how anyone could get away with this. “

Nina Sweeney told FOX 5, “I’m not sure we’re where we are now. I don’t think we can take one party’s suggestions on what to do about it. know, hopefully they can work together – – whoever wins in november can work together to make it a reality – you know, to make better electoral integrity a reality in the future. “

FOX 5 has also spoken to a number of people off camera. The good news is that while some people expressed doubts about the electoral process, none of them said it would prevent them from going to vote in the 2021 governor’s race.

Virginia is less than a month away from the 2021 governor’s race. According to a recent Real Clear Politics tally, Terry McAuliffe is just 4.3 points ahead of his Republican rival Glenn Youngkin.

Both candidates have already said they will accept the state election results.

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