French duo Kill the Void release debut EP, ‘Cult of Tau’



French duo Kill the Void release debut EP, ‘Cult of Tau’: Listen

UFO in sight, Kill the Void has released their highly anticipated debut EP, “Cult of Tau», Revealing a revolutionary mix of genres to the world. Hybrid techno artists teased the upcoming project on July 2nd, releasing a cinematic track reminiscent of gruesome cinema titled “Chariot of Love” via UK label Dance Trax. On this occasion, the French producers take you on a journey, slipping through dazzling psychotic melodies and rumbling infernal machines for an insidious dance.

According to a press release, Kill the Void found inspiration for the EP of “depths of the earth. “The two members (Ella Hox and Ash Oskyler) have a passion for caving and take risks to find an “ever more intense feeling”. This love for the thrill has spilled over into their studio work.

“We went down into a gigantic cavity in Greece with our headlamps and our equipment, step by step, alone in the world, bathed in a heavy and strange atmosphere. Continue to descend deeper and deeper and surrender more and more… Time has frozen, seeing and feeling things dance around us, disconnected from the world. It was like floating, being here and elsewhere… It was a good start to write this first EP ”- Ella Hox

Mad about hardware and cosmic horror stuff, the two French producers love to transcend genres from Detroit Techno to Trance and bring cinematic writing to create immersive visual music. The tracklist includes three songs and a remix of Assembler Code, this one will be released on July 30, so be on the lookout for this promising duo.

Stream the EP “Cult of Tau” on Spotify below and download it to your favorite platform here.

Featured Image Credit: Press Release / Dance Trax


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