For 10 minutes, Assam Assembly was “free for all” to fight –

Guwahati: Apparently frustrated by the repeated verbal duels between the benches of power and the opposition which disrupt the debates, the President of the Assembly of Assam, Biswajit Daimary, allowed lawmakers 10 minutes on Tuesday to speak and debate at their as you wish.

The president also began to speak Bodo, his native language, later when his calls for MPs to maintain decorum in Assamese fell on deaf ears.

Bodo, an associated official language of the state, was included among the transaction languages ​​in the assembly after Daimary, a leader of the Bodo community, took over as president.

Stormy scenes erupted in the House shortly after the start of the day when opposition and ruling lawmakers launched allegations and counter-allegations in a response to a question from the Panchayat and Rural Development Department .

Milk stood up and called on lawmakers to maintain decorum and allow the debate to continue.

When his repeated calls went unheeded, the president said he would give the members the next 10 minutes to continue their “kajia” (fight) and speak as they wanted, and he would not intervene.

As the uproar refused to subside, Daimary again reminded MPs at the end of the fifth minute that if the uproar increased, he would not allow debates during that time to be recorded.

Normal procedure resumed at the end of 10 minutes and continued smoothly for almost 30 minutes before the heckling resumed.

As verbal duels resumed between the two parties, the president began speaking to Bodo as his Assamese demands to pacify MPs met with no success.

Unable to understand what Daimary was saying, a number of MPs put on their headphones to listen to the Assamese translation. The assembly has foreseen that.

As the noise subsided, Daimary again called on MPs to cooperate with him to ensure the proper functioning of the House and the resumption of debate.

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