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WEEPING WATER – New water meter technology is coming to Weeping Water.

On Monday evening, the city council unanimously approved the green light for the purchase of so-called radios that would be attached to each house, which would send the amount of water consumption of that house to a signal at the top. from the city’s water tower. Then when the billing time arrives, the city clerk simply presses a button on a computer to receive that information from the tower.

“It’s a remote-controlled reading of water meters,” City Councilor Mike Kindle said. “It’s cutting edge technology.

Plus, the cost to the city wouldn’t even be a drop in the bucket.

The city is expected to receive $ 96,900 from the American Recovery Act this year, plus the same amount in 2022. The funds are to be used for specific uses, primarily water and sewer infrastructure.

The council agreed to purchase the radios with these funds.

City Clerk Linda Fleming said about 500 of these radios will be purchased, along with a new antenna for the tower, computer programming and any necessary training.

In total, the total cost would be around $ 150,000, leaving more than $ 40,000 of those remaining funds for other needs, Fleming said.

It could be upgrades to the city’s wastewater treatment plant, she said.

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