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GUWAHATI: Leader of the opposition in the State Assembly, Debabrata Saikia called Bharatiya founder Jan Sangha, Shyama Prasad Mookerji, a “avowed community nationalist”.
Reacting to Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma’s inauguration on Tuesday of a statue at BJP’s lighthouse, Mookerji, in Sarbhog, in Barpeta district, lower Assam, Saikia said.
“Shyamaprasad Mookerji was a supporter of the British during his tenure as Vice Chancellor of the University of Calcutta in West Bengal in 1938. On the day of the establishment of the University of Calcutta, during the parade of students, Mookerji paid tribute to the British flag popularly called the Union Jack He also kicked out two students from Bidyasagar College for failing to do so, ”Saikia said.
He said Mookerji was a minister in the Jinnah Muslim League government in West Bengal. “By the time the Indian National Congress on August 7, 1942 declared the Quit India movement, Mookerji was government minister of the Muslim League and advised the governor of West Bengal on how to control and subdue the movement,” Saikia said.
He accused Sarma of making a convoluted statement during the Sarbhog event that Mookerji introduced the Assamese language to the University of Calcutta. It was actually Sir Ashutosh Mukherji who did it, Saikia said. “Since there was no university in Assam, students went to Calcutta or Dhaka for their studies. It was not the love of the Assamese that made them move. The Sikhs emigrated there. As Mookerji had done nothing for the Assamese language in West Bengal at that time, there is no reason to compare him to Sahityarathi Lakshminath Bezbaruah (dean of modern Assamese literature), ”Saikia added.
He feared that Sarma’s declaration on Barpeta Road in Sarbhog was part of the BJP’s mission to distort history. “The Gandhi Bhawan at Barpeta, in remembrance of Mahatma Gandhi, must be demolished to make way for a new building. It is also an effort to rewrite history. A communal person like Shyam Prasad Mookerji does not deserve to be a role model for the people of Assam, ”Saikia said.
The Congress leader also alleged that the CM openly showed it had no respect for democracy when it said constituencies with opposition MPs would only be run by the minister. “In a parliamentary democracy, the role of power and the opposition is important and a deputy has an obligation to look after his constituency, in addition to fulfilling his official role,” said Saikia.
Sarbhog, known as a left-wing stronghold for decades, is represented in the state assembly by Manoranjan Talukdar of the PMO.
Saikia said ministers are responsible for effectively carrying out the work of their departments and officials are responsible for implementing government policies. “The Constitution nowhere mentions that ministers of the ruling party can usurp the powers of opposition deputies,” he added.
The senior congressman urged the chief minister to pay more attention to administrative work rather than making political statements. Sniffing a plot during the pandemic situation, Saikia said that instead of providing Covid vaccines, the health department will now be engaged for “routine vaccination” to distract from the need for Covid vaccines.INDI

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