Coding Dojo Works with CityU to Accelerate Compsci Majors

Coding Dojo, a Washington-based educational technology company that offers several computer programming bootcamp courses, is partnering with City University of Seattle to offer bootcamp graduates guaranteed admission to a more formal degree program – bachelor’s or master’s degree – in applied computer science, according to a Press release Wednesday.

While the Coding Dojo website is littered with testimonials from graduates who immediately transitioned into a career opportunity, this partnership aims to meet the needs of graduates of its software development, data science, and cybersecurity programs who still want to earn a college degree. The statement said students are not required to have a STEM background to be accepted into the university’s master’s program, but those who already have a STEM-related bachelor’s degree can complete it in as little as five courses, which are available as online, in-person or hybrid.

Coding Dojo graduates can forfeit up to three courses in the university’s computer science (CS) programs once enrolled, according to the release. Additionally, the company said graduates can challenge up to a quarter of their City University of Seattle degree and can use Coding Dojo Belt Projects for multiple course challenges to receive full credit for up to to five courses that would go towards their CS degree.

The company said in the statement that graduating from its program before pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree would save students time and money.

“Many of our students go on to pursue lucrative careers in the tech industry after graduation, but some choose to continue their education instead,” Coding Dojo CEO Richard Wang said in a public statement. “This partnership with CityU will allow us to offer even more paths to success for our students.”

Outside of the college opportunity, Coding Dojo graduates have lifetime access to the company’s career services, which include one-on-one coaching, resume and portfolio preparation, mock interviews and workshops. , all intended to help graduates of the program kick-start their careers, the publication said. The partnership is not the first for Coding Dojo. In August, the company partnered with the Prison Scholar Fund to train previously incarcerated people. It has also partnered with the Chilean government for a workforce development initiative as well as with Microsoft as Microsoft Azure Training Partner.

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