Choose or Die beats Stranger Things with its Robert Englund casting turn

Choose or Die includes a clever cameo from Robert Englund ahead of the release of Season 4 of Stranger Things, which will use Englund in a villainous role.

Warning: contains SPOILERS for Choose or die.

Netflix’s Video Game Horror choose or die provides a vocal cameo by Robert Englund, beating stranger things on his casting tour. choose or die is director Toby Meakins’ feature debut and stars Iola Evans in her first film role as first daughter Kayla. Centered on a text-based retro 80s computer game called CURS>R, choose or die pays homage to the horror genre of the era in many ways. Robert Englund is one such tribute, as he was made famous for his role as the legendary dream-haunting killer spirit Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street. In strange things, Englund will play criminal mental hospital inmate with a murderous past, Victor Creel.


CURS>R is a survival horror game in which players are forced to make deadly choices for the people around them. Helping Kayla is her love interest, computer programmer friend Isaac who is played by one of the Choose or die’s best known actors, Asa Butterfield. Kayla discovers CURS>R in a pile of clearance items at Isaac’s apartment and calls a number on its wrapper for players to win a cash prize of $125,000. The number triggers a voicemail from Robert Englund, congratulating the player on winning the prize money and asking for a four-digit PIN. While Kayla is unaware of her significance, Isaac reacts enthusiastically to Robert Englund’s cameo in choose or die through an impression of Freddy Krueger. choose or die plays the same voicemail later when Kayla and Isaac end up at the location where CURS > R was programmed.

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choose or die releases an Englund cameo before strange things, thus beating the show in this regard. However, Robert Englund choose or die voice cameo meaning also beats stranger things using his legendary ’80s status more directly. While his villainous role as Victor Creel connects to a stranger things Season 4 location and will play a larger role in the story, stranger things will probably be less effective in referring to its horror meaning. During this time, his choose or die the role uses it as a reference with a more thematic connection that creates its own plot element. The ancient curse of CURS>R in its programming invades the lives of its players and kills the people around them, giving it similarities to Freddy Krueger, who kills his victims by invading their dreams. Choosing to have Englund play a fictionalized version of himself further strengthens the bond.

Choose or die Robert Englund cameo, Freddy Krueger

Englund approached Stranger Things’ creators and asked them to give him a role in Season 4, so casting him on the show is more deliberate than it seems. However, it would be hard to fault someone for thinking his 80s iconography alone put him on the show, because Stranger Things’ the use of actors from the 1980s can sometimes feel more like a nostalgia tactic than anything else. That said, Englund is choose or die the cameo is shameless nostalgic bait, but by being upfront about it, the cameo in this case becomes more effective. Because choose or die purposely used his Englund cameo for nostalgia, he can get away with it.

Yet, while Englund being in stranger things holds a certain referential importance of the 80s, his character will be more useful to the story than his role in Choose or die. So, stranger things season 4 will use him more as an actor than an icon. Being Freddy Krueger cemented Englund as a horror movie legend that choose or die references indeed, but to see him in a role that goes beyond nightmare killer will be refreshing to see.

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