Chinese ports drilled in closed-loop mode amid new Covid outbreaks

After experiencing intermittent blockages since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, major container ports in China are now still ready to impose closed-loop operations as the country refuses to reverse its zero-Covid policy. -19.

The city in southern China Shenzhenhome for Yantian and Ports of Shekouextensive movement restrictions that began in late August, after new Covid-19 infections were discovered, but stopped before a full lockdown.

City authorities said port operations in Yantian and Shekou have remained normal, although Shenzhen’s population of around 18 million has been told to stay at home as the city battles its worst outbreak since March.

Shenzhen is where some of China’s biggest companies, including Huawei Technologies and BYD, are headquartered, and these companies have considered “closed-loop” systems second nature. Such systems mean that employees can only travel between work and home and have no physical contact with people outside of their workplace.

Apple phone maker Foxconn, which also has its factory in Shenzhen, said operations there had not been disrupted.

On Hainan Island, where an outbreak of the BA.5.1.3 variant forced authorities to impose a lockdown in August, business is business as usual for its main container port, Yangpu International Container Terminal.

The terminal spokesman said ships were still calling at the port as scheduled and there had been no notifications of carriers skipping calls.

The spokesperson added, “Yangpu has implemented a closed-loop operation, and each shift grasps production work according to eight lines of operation, and the overall operational efficiency has returned to the level before the pandemic”.

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