Changan Pakistan raises prices of Alsvin and Karvaan

Changan Pakistan has raised the prices of its various variants as the company follows in the footsteps of other automakers.

The Federal Government has increased the Federal Excise Duty (FED) on vehicles in the mini budget and as a result, Pak Suzuki, Toyota, Honda, KIA and DFSK have already increased car prices.

A dealer in Changan said the new prices took effect from January 15. The new rates will also apply to all partial and full payment orders placed before January 15.

Prices have been increased by a minimum of Rs65,000 and a maximum of Rs130,000.

Changan Alsvine

Changan Alsvin 1.3LM/T Comfort has seen an increase of Rs65,000 and it is now available at Rs2.48 million.

The price of Changan Alsvin 1.5L DCT Comfort has increased from Rs70,000 to Rs2.74 million.

The price of Changan Alsvin 1.5L DCT Lumiere has increased by Rs75,000. This variant will now sell for Rs2.93 million.

Alsvin is Changan’s most popular model in Pakistan.

Changan Karvan

Changaan Karvaan MPV saw a jump of Rs120,000, taking the price to Rs1.79 million.

The price of Karvaan MPV Plus has increased by Rs130,000. The new price is 1.94 million rupees.

However, the price of Changan M9 Loader Pickup remained unchanged at Rs 1.5 million.

The company had raised prices for Alsvin variants by Rs120,000 in August but had to withdraw the decision after government intervention.

However, car prices in Pakistan saw another wave of increases in November and almost all car manufacturers announced the revised prices following the rise in shipping costs and the depreciation of the rupee.

Changan Pakistan raised its prices to 275,000 rupees in November.

Why have automakers raised prices?

A Changan dealership said automakers have passed the burden of higher taxes onto customers.

He says that if the dollar rate appreciates, the auto sector could see another price hike.

Auto dealers expected sales to fall due to higher prices, as price increases led to a decline in the purchasing power of potential customers.

“The company has raised car prices up to 405,000 rupees in the last two months,” a dealer said.

On the other hand, Pakistan Motorcycle Assemblers Association (APMA) Chairman Muhammad Sabir Shaikh said that cash sales could be affected due to price hikes as customers who make sales cash will look at some of the key factors that can affect their purchases. Powerful.

“Currently, the company delivers cars to customers within a month,” Shaikh explains.

According to sources, the process of documenting imported cars takes a long time, due to which fewer imported cars are entering the country and automakers are taking advantage of the shortage of imported cars by raising prices.

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