CANDIDATE PROFILE: Stefanie Bunko from the Green Party wants to help the industry transition


EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the first in a series of six Federal Election Candidate Profiles, appearing in alphabetical order daily.

Tara Jeffrey

Stefanie Bunko wants to change some misconceptions about the Green Party.

Stefanie Bunko

“I sometimes find there’s a lack of knowledge – people think the Greens are just pushing green energy… a bunch of crispy granola hippies,” she laughed.

“Yes, I am one of them, but there is a new era among us who are at the cutting edge of technology and who understand the needs of communities in transition. “

A native of Bright’s Grove and first-time federal candidate for the Sarnia-Lambton Greens, she has been a longtime activist but has decided in recent years that she wants to do more.

“Sometimes when you hear ‘politics’ you get a bad taste in your mouth; you feel like some things are not true, ”said the mother of two boys.

“So I was more on the activist side of things – promoting certain laws, collecting signatures and canvassing. But as I get older, I realize that it doesn’t get me far.

“So I put my name for the Greens and then all of a sudden I heard that the summons was falling soon.”

The Lambton College graduate and project manager at CMS Inc. of Sarnia says she works best under pressure.

“I’m used to it. As with everything in project management, you want everything to be categorized, controlled and assessed for risk. So that part of my personality comes into play, ”she said.

“Yes, I feel pissed off and there are a lot of things I have to do at the same time, but it’s my routine. “

Bunko, a graduate of the college’s computer programming and alternative energy engineering technology programs, has also worked in the development of wind and solar projects.

“It is important to bring green technology initiatives to the region,” she said. “The local economy and industry can benefit from this… by further diversifying their portfolio in order to capture or recover their waste.

“A lot of the fossil fuels that people are against can be turned into a commodity and be zero emission. “

Bunko said she is also passionate about healthcare, mental health supports, housing and small business support.

“The more your consumer items are located, the less CO2 or emissions there will be by picking them up or transporting them here,” she said. “So I’m definitely here for small businesses and local farmers. “

Above all, she wants the residents of Sarnia-Lambton to know about this election and says she is not the type to shy away from tough questions.

“I am a very passionate person; I invite you all to contact me, ”she said. “I want everyone to analyze every party platform, ask the tough questions, and demand real answers.

“This is the only way to see real change and reform that will benefit everyone. “

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