Best programming languages: C and Java remain the best even with the explosion of Python


The TIOBE index celebrates its 20th anniversary as competition intensifies at the top of the ranking.

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TIOBE is monthly with the best rankings of programming languages Last work Mark important milestones in the index. The July rankings have historical similarities and upheaval as the language slips into the top 50 and rises.

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“The TIOBE Index celebrates its 20th anniversary this month. In 2001, the first TIOBE index was released as a personal hobby project to see what languages ​​are in demand. The top of the first TIOBE clue. The three were Java, C and C ++. Today’s story is very similar, ”said Paul Janssen, CEO of TIOBE Software, in a blog post.

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The top of the leaderboard features tight lace with thin margins that separate C, Java, and Python.

“It’s interesting to see these three languages ​​come closer than ever. The difference between position 1 and position 3 is only 0.67% which means it will be exciting in the coming months. I will, ”says Jansen.

Overall, C tops the list with a score of 11.62%, down 4.83% from July 2020. Java, the finalist, had a score of 11.17% in the latest ranking , down 3.93% last year. No with a score of 10.95%. 3Python saw its rating change by 1.86% last year. The biggest increase in the top 20.

“Which language will win this battle?” Python quite possibly appears to be number one, thanks to market leaders in the rapidly growing areas of data mining and artificial intelligence, ”Jansen said. ..

C ++ and C # finish the top five with a score of 8.01% and 4.83%, respectively. Interestingly, the last seven most recent programming languages ​​are the same as they were rated in July 2020. This month Visual Basic was ranked 6th with a 4.50% rating and JavaScript (2.71 %) was ranked 7th.

Compared to June 2020, the first ranking reshuffle will come at PHP No.8, which jumped by one last year. No in the last ranking. 9 Assembly Language has a rating of 2.40% and has jumped four places since July 2020. SQL finishes in the top 10 with a rating of 1.53% and gains one place from the July index position 2020.

Programming language surges and delays

The index also shows the number of breakthroughs and slides that stand out among the best programming languages. For example, # 11. Classic Visual Basic has won nine places since its ranking in July 2020. Meanwhile, No.12 R has jumped 4 positions and No.14 Fortran has jumped 36 places.

No compared to the previous year. 15Groovy jumped 9 places, n ° 16Swift lost 6 places. No since July 2020. 18 Perl and # 19 MATLAB have each lost four positions. Delphi / Object Pascal closed the top 20 with a 10-spot jump from the July 2020 index.

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TIOBE uses a number of metrics, including searches of Bing, Amazon, YouTube, Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo, and Baidu to determine these monthly rankings. Please read it freely Complete index of the TIOBE website..

Those who are so inclined can browse the entire Top 50 rankings and the changes from year to year. Here..

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