August 2022 TIOBE index: Python “going through the roof”

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Python continues to command the TIOBE Programming Community Index, which ranks the popularity of programming languages. Python gained another 2% in August and is now at an all-time high of 15.42% market share, making it “unstoppable”, the site says.

It’s not easy to find an area of ​​programming today where Python isn’t widely used, noted Paul Jansen, CEO of TIOBE Software. Python’s main appeal is its ease of use, he said.

“Most languages ​​have a steep learning curve, except for Python,” Jansen said. “As a result, many newcomers start out by programming Python. It is simple, well structured, easy to install and many libraries are available. Thus, all non-critical programming tasks can easily be performed by Python. This makes it so popular these days.

But Jansen added that “there is somewhere a ceiling for Python” because it is dynamically typed and too slow. “Since it’s an interpreted language that can throw a runtime error unexpectedly, it won’t end up in safety-critical systems anytime soon,” he said.

That’s why C and C++ are gaining ground right now, Jansen said.

Other August Discoveries

Other notable results from the August index are that Swift and PHP have again traded places at position 10, Rust is closing in on the top 20, Kotlin is back in the top 30, and the new Google Carbon language is entering the the TIOBE index in 192nd position. .

This latest discovery is particularly noteworthy, and Jansen said he was very surprised that Carbon didn’t take off. “Carbon is Google’s new language supposed to beat C++. When Google announced Go as a new language, it entered the TIOBE index in the top 20 from the start and even became the TIOBE language of the year’ ‘, he explained. The fact that Carbon started in the 192nd position “is quite remarkable”.

C came in behind Python at 14.59%, up 2.03%. It was followed by Java at 12.40%, up 1.96%, C++ at 10.17%, up 2.81%, and C#.

TIOBE’s top 10 programming languages ​​are Visual Basic, JavaScript, Assembly Language, SQL, and PHP.

Python was named Programming Language of the Year by TIOBE for two consecutive years in 2021 and 2020. It also received the award in 2018 but was replaced by C in 2019. It entered the index in 1997 at the 28th place.

Programming is becoming increasingly important, Jansen said, but at the same time, “the number of qualified engineers in this field is not growing enough to meet the demands. So salaries go up, attracting a lot of other professionals. He added that software engineering is not an easy profession.

The index is updated once a month and the ratings are based on the number of qualified engineers worldwide, courses and third-party vendors. Popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube, and Baidu are used to calculate ratings. The TIOBE index is not about the best programming language or the language in which most lines of code were written, the company said.

The index can be useful for checking whether your programming skills are still up to date or for making a strategic decision on which programming language to adopt when starting to build a new software system, according to TIOBE.

June 2022 – The Top 3 continue their dominance

In the June 2022 edition of the TIOBE Index Update, there was very little change left at the top of the rankings, with Python, C and Java keeping their grip on the top three spots.

“Last month, not much happened in the TIOBE index. The 4 main languages ​​Python, C, Java and C++ together hold a market share of nearly 50%,” said TIOBE CEO Paul Jansen. “We are halfway through the year and the biggest candidates for TIOBE Language of the Year 2022 are Python, C, C++ and C# so far.”

The most movement came down the leaderboard, as Fortran and MATLAB again entered the top 20, supplanting Lua and Prolog. Lua and Prolog each dropped significantly in the May edition rankings, with Lua falling six places to 24th place, while Prolog fell from the top 20 last month to 25th place in June. In the middle of the rankings, the R programming language also saw a sharp drop, from 13 last month to 19 in June.

Classic Visual Basic has seen most of R’s setbacks, dropping from 15 to 13 in the last 30 days. Ruby also saw an increase in the June ranking from 19 to 15 as part of the shakeup.

“Last month, not much happened in the TIOBE index,” Jansen said. “We don’t expect any of the relatively new and popular languages ​​such as Rust, Dart, Kotlin, or TypeScript to approach the top 20. Let’s hope for more exciting news in August.”

May 2022 – C# ready for a leap into the top 3?

Although there hasn’t been a ton of movement from April 2022 to May 2022, C# as a programming language seems to be gaining momentum. C# has been singled out by TIOBE CEO Paul Jansen as a candidate to move into the top 3 of the leaderboard replacing C, which currently sits at #2 in the May leaderboard. Another contender to rise to the top of the heap was C++, which currently ranks fourth in the top 20.

“If we compare the current ranking of the TIOBE index to that of 1 year ago (May 2021), C# becomes by far the most popular of all programming languages. Its ranking has increased by nearly 2% over the past 12 months. C# is one of the most mature programming languages ​​out there, supporting many modern programming paradigms,” Jansen said. “Until recently, its only downside was that its Linux support was questionable, but that’s changing rapidly over the past two years. So there’s a good chance that C# will enter the top 3 of the TIOBE index by replacing C. A Another strong contender for this top 3 position is C++, and its long-term trend, boosted by C++20, is definitely on the rise.

A minor change from April to May was R’s fall in the rankings, from 11 to 13. Delphi/Object Pascal (11th) and Swift (12th) jumped into those lost spots. Elsewhere the rankings remain relatively the same apart from a few minor tweaks, but it remains to be seen whether C# or C++ are able to supplant C in the top 3.

April 2022 – MATLAB falls in the rankings

The release of the April edition of the TIOBE Programming Language Index of the most popular programming languages ​​saw some marked changes across the board, with MATLAB notably continuing its fall from the top 20 of the rankings. In March, MATLAB ranked as the 15th most popular programming language for developers before dropping to 20th place this month. Python remains the premier programming language, according to Paul Jansen, CEO of TIOBE.

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The Steady Decline of MATLAB

The biggest takeaway from this month’s ranking is the continuous slide of MATLAB, the programming language best known for use in matrix manipulations, function and data plotting, algorithm implementation , creating user interfaces and interfacing with programs written in other languages. MATLAB includes functions and developments for several disciplines via the MATLAB complementary toolkits. Some examples of Toolbox for MATLAB include 5G, communication analysis and testing, and audio.

“MATLAB is on the verge of breaking out of the top 20 for the first time in over 10 years,” Jansen said. “The MATLAB programming language is mainly used in the field of numerical analysis. It is often associated with Simulink models, which come from the same MathWorks company. Although MATLAB has a semi-annual release cycle, the language does not evolve much. And since MATLAB licenses are rather expensive, the alternatives are catching up quickly.

The alternatives mentioned by Jansen become too difficult for MATLAB to compete with, as rivals include the mighty Python, which reigns again as the main programming language, and Julia, which focuses on numerical analysis. Julia jumps from 32 to 26 in the April edition of the TIOBE Index.

Winners and losers

Python not only retained the number one programming language ranking from last month, but also saw the largest increase in usage from April 2021 to 2022: a 2.88% year-over-year increase. other, going from the third most used language to number one.

Elsewhere in the rankings, PHP found itself falling two places from its March ranking, falling from 8th to 10th place. Due to PHP’s small drop, assembly language was able to take 8th place in TIOBE’s index, with SQL dropping from 10th to 9th.

Another rise, this time outside the top 20, was Visual FoxPro, moving up four places from 27th to 23rd. Visual FoxPro is a data-centric procedural programming language with object-oriented programming features.

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