Apple’s woes in India: A timeline of the iPhone maker’s eventful journey to India so far

  • The iPhone maker has had its fair share of problems in India, some on its own and others on its partners.
  • With iPhones Made in India which now represent 70% of Appleof sales in India, India is an important market for the Cupertino-based company.
  • Here’s a look back at some of the major issues Apple has been facing in India recently.

The Indian market has long been viewed as a thorn in Apple’s ambitions in Asia, thanks to a combination of lower disposable income, high prices for Apple products, a highly price sensitive market, and a market landscape. very competitive with many affordable prices. Android smartphones.

India has often been called a lost opportunity for Apple for a variety of reasons, but the recent Make in India initiative that prompted smartphone makers, among others, to manufacture their products in India, has put the country back in the spotlight. Apple’s attention. According to a report, 7 out of 10 iPhones sold in the country are made in India.

But the iPhone maker has had less than smooth sailing around the country so far. Here is a timeline of Apple’s woes in India:

2020: Wistron

Wistron, one of Apple’s partners engaged in assembling iPhones in India, was caught in a push in late 2020, with thousands of its contract workers alleging unfair pay deductions and late payments.

The fiasco forced Apple to put Wistron on probation, which subsequently led the assembler to fire its top official. Apple and Wistron both admitted delays in paying wages and salaries, attributing it to a “software glitch.”

Wistron also filed a police complaint against 7,000 people after a wave of violence reportedly resulted in a loss of INR 437 due to stolen iPhones and damaged property.

Wistron also assembles products for Microsoft and Lenovo.

Weeks later, Apple and independent auditors would be working to improve processes and take corrective action to prevent such an issue from happening again.

2021: Foxconn

Exactly a year later, another iPhone assembler, Foxconn, is at the center of Apple’s woes in India. This time, Apple put Foxconn on probation following reports of food poisoning that affected 250 employees.

Apple issued a statement saying the Sri Perumbudur facility would be allowed to reopen after ensuring that strict standards were in place and met.

The iPhone maker said it sent independent auditors to check the dorms and living conditions, adding that it would implement corrective measures immediately.

2021: anti-trust lawsuit concerning payments via the application

A lesser-known nonprofit “Together We Fight Society” has filed an antitrust complaint against Apple for slashing developers of iOS apps and games by 30%.

The group that filed the case suggests that Apple’s 30% commission is acting as a hindrance for app developers while harming customers.

“These payments and policies are a barrier for many developers because they never make it to the market,” said Rakesh Deshmukh, co-founder of Indus App Bazaar, an Indian alternative app store.

Apple is the subject of antitrust case in India, alleging its 30% commission is unfair to customers and app developers

If investigators find Wistron management guilty, here are the stakes for the company

Apple suspends iPhone assembler Foxconn factory in Tamil Nadu after food poisoning incident

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