Apple assembler BYD will launch iPad production in Vietnam this month

Apple assembler BYD plans to begin commercial iPad production this month in Vietnam after a trial started in May, reports Bloomberg News citing “a provincial government official.”

Apple’s ninth-generation iPad

Nguyen Dieu Tu Uyen for Bloomberg News:

Production of the tablets is a boost for a country that stands to benefit as electronics makers seek alternatives to China.

“The plant has been in the trial phase since May and is expected to start commercial production this month,” said Nguyen Ngoc Hanh, head of Phu Tho province’s industrial parks management board. “That’s what they told us. They plan to hire 12,000 workers in total. They have already hired 4,000.”

In December, Phu Ha Industrial Park officials granted BYD a construction permit to build a 6.23 trillion dong ($268 million) factory, according to a statement posted on the Phu province website. To. The factory will have the capacity to manufacture 4.33 million tablets per year from June 2022, according to the press release.

Apple suppliers with major production bases in China have begun to consider shifting capacity to Southeast Asia after tensions escalated between Washington and Beijing, a shift that era upheavals pandemic should accelerate. This year, a series of shutdowns from Shanghai to Shenzhen have upended supply chains, exposing the fragility of a system that depends on China to manufacture the majority of the world’s electronics.

Taken from MacDailyNews: Again, better (at least a decade) late than never!

Apple should have diversified its production many years ago to minimize risk, not to mention China’s human rights abuses, authoritarian censorship, and a myriad of other concerns, including lockdowns” COVID” whose real raison d’etre is to remind subdued Chinese citizens who’s boss.

Zero-COVID does not exist, but this year is the 20th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, so the farce will continue until politics no longer dictate bowing against the windmills. Then COVID will be allowed to pass through China, as it has already done in much of the world. – MacDailyNews, May 9, 2022

In general, coronaviruses transmissible to humans do not disappear. Zero-COVID does not exist. Uh.

COVID-19 is here to stay. It will most likely become endemic, but will pose less of a threat over time. People will acquire immunity via vaccines (TBD efficacy) and naturally as they contract and recover from variants like omicron since partially effective vaccines allow not only transmissibility but also breakthrough infections. Influenza and the four human coronaviruses that cause the common cold (OC43, 229E, NL63 and HKU1) are, of course, also endemic, but a combination of annual flu shots and acquired immunity means that sane societies tolerate the unavoidable seasonal deaths and illnesses they bring without requiring lockdowns, masks, social distancing, indefinite delays in returning to work, etc.

When, if ever, will some people decide that wasting their short lives in abject fear of a bad flu, most likely engineered by China and partially funded by the US National Institutes of Health, is a reaction excessive and hysterical self-destructive? —MacDailyNews, December 16, 2021

The real virus is panic.MacDailyNews, March 9, 2020

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